Wednesday, August 13, 2008

BURN MY EYES III Poster Art Show/Pirate Cat Radio/Playlist/Top 10

It’s another warm week in San Francisco. I’m out biking while others are jogging, reading in the park, exercising and drinking. I’ll be drinking and spinning records at BURM MY EYES III poster show this Saturday, August 16th at Bottom of the Hill from 3PM to 8PM. The artist line-up includes: John Seabury, Alan Forbes, Alan Hynes, Lil Tuffy, David D'Andrea, Wendy Wright, Stainboy, Paul Imagine, Steve Walters (Screwball Press) and the whole show was put together by Justin "SwampViking" McNeal of Secret Serpents. It's should be a great time so, bring your wallet and checkbook so you can get yourself some cool poster art. See you then.

If you missed the live performance of Mummyshots or the interview with artist/poster artist Alan Forbes on Pirate Cat Radio, don’t worry about it. I have yesterdays show and others podcast here. Check out my new radio show every Tuesday 4to6PM (PST) at Pirate Cat Radio 87.9 San Francisco/Los Angeles and 104.8FM in Berlin, Germany. You can also check it out online at PIRATE CAT RADIO. The station is also attached to the PCR Café. If you're in San Francisco, come on down to 21st Street @Florida for a coffee, ice tea, Italian soda, free internet or just hangout. Also, I'm taking band submissions right now to play live in the café/studio. No amps or full drums whatsoever! Let's say like a living room feel to it (minus the bongs, coke mirrors, porn and booze). C'mon, it's a neighborhood café. Anyway, get a hold of me for submissions.

Also, THE THRASH ATTACK is still every Thursday 4to7PM (PST) at
KSCU 103.3FM or 103.3FM in the South Bay. Spread the word and tell all your friends in bands, labels, promoters, bookers or anybody else that deals with bands. Thanks for everything and have a nice weekend and be cool. Cheers!

PLAYLIST – August 7, 2008
*request / L-local
*(intro) Melvins / honey bucket / Houdini Live 2005
*Fucked Up / year of the pig / Year Of The Pig
*Norma Jean / birth of the anti mother / The Anti-Mother
*Dear Life / speaking volumes / Framework
*Cold World / the games that people play / Dedicated To Babies Who Came Feet First
*Cancer Bats / bastard's waltz / Hail Destroyer
*Torche / speed of the nail / Meanderthal
*Valient Thorr / nomadic sacrifice / Immortalizer
*Sweet Cobra / spider scraper / Forever
*Romans / depths / All Those Wrists
*Soul Embraced / into darkness / Dead Alive
*Unleashed / marching off to war / Hammer Battalion
*Withered / purification of ignorance / Folie Circulaire
*mandatory MELVINS / the stupid creep / Nude With Boots
*Deadbird / the riverbed / Twilight Ritual
*Hero Destroyed / Texas heart shot / Hero Destroyed
*Aborted / 135 / Strychnine.213
*Head On Collision / retaliate / Ritual Sacrifice
*Terror / lost our mind / The Damned, The Shamed
*Gama Bomb / global warning / Citizen Brain
*Kataklysm /the chains of power / Prevail
*CPC Gangbang / gone black / Mutilation Nation
(L)*Sassy!!! / alone / Get A Grip
(L)*The Family Curse / that heart beat / Spice Rack
*King Khan and the Shrines / sweet tooth / The Supreme Genius Of. . .
*Hellbound Glory / chico's train / Scumbag Country
*The Kung Fu Killers / raise high the black flag / Fists Of Fury
*Modey Lemon / season of sweets / Season Of Sweets
*Me First and the Gimme Gimmes / you've got a friend (Karole King) / Have Another Ball!

KSCU Loud Rock TOP 10 ending Sunday, August 10th
1 TORCHE Meanderthal Hydra Head
2 VALIENT THORR Immortalizer Volcom
3 ROMANS All Those Wrists Blackmarket Activities
4 CULT OF LUNA Eternal Kingdom Earache
5 TERROR The Damned, The Shamed Century Media
6 CANCER BATS Hail Destroyer Blackmarket Activities
7 GAMA BOMB Citizen Brain Earache
8 HERO DESTROYED Hero Destroyed Relapse
9 MADE OUT OF BABIES The Ruiner The End
10 DEADBIRD Twilight Ritual At A Loss

***Pirate Cat Radio***

August 12, 2008
*Mummyshots (SF) / In Studio Live Performance
*Alan Forbes interview / (artist/poster artist)