Wednesday, July 16, 2008


This summer so far has been great for me in San Francisco. I have a new radio show in the city (and the other one), the weather has been killer and finally, I’m taking my first summer trip. Next weekend, I’ll be in Seattle for the CAPITAL HILL BLOCK PARTY! I’ll be arriving Thursday afternoon and the drinking begins immediately I get off the plane. I’ll be hanging with my buddy, Chris Roxxx and his girl for the whole weekend and can’t wait too see some other friends of mine. Here’s a list of bands I want too see: Black Eyes and Neckties , Pleasureboaters, The Heavy Hearts, Lesbian, Black Elk, Akimbo, The Whoremoans, Les Savy Fav, Mika Miko, Jay Retard and most of all, ZEKE (I haven’t seen these guys since they opened up for MOTORHEAD in SF a few years back). Oh yeah, many more bands and more people too see (Zero Down, Julianne).

Just got an interview confirmed a few minutes ago. Donny Paycheck of ZEKE will be calling my radio show next Tuesday, July 22nd at 5PM (PST). ZEKE has been one of my ALL TIME favorite bands and glad to have them back on the airwaves. Be sure to listen in and find out the happenings in the world of ZEKE! FUCK YEAH!

Oh yeah, next Tuesday on Pirate Cat Radio, I’ll be spinning a set of the bands jamming at this year’s Capitol Hill Block Party. You can listen online at WWW.PIRATECATRADIO.COM or on the airwaves in S.F. & L.A. at 87.9FM. So Seattle, get ready for me because the clock is ticking and you’ve been warned. HAHAHAHA!!!!!!

This Friday night at Slim’s, MELVINS/BIG BUSINESS will be performing once again. This time, no Jello (who knows!) and no 1983 set. No, they’ll be performing their new songs off the new album, NUDE WITH BOOTS”. It’s probably almost sold out so that means, GET YER ASSES IN GEAR AND GET A TICKET! HA!

OK, you may already know that I have a new radio show every Tuesday 4to6PM (PST) at Pirate Cat Radio 87.9 San Francisco/Los Angeles and 104.8FM in Berlin, Germany. You can also check it out online and listen at WWW.PIRATECATRADIO.COM. You can check out my podcast page on the site and download it if you like. Go ahead, you know you want to. HA! The station is also attached to the PCR Café. If you’re in San Francisco, come on down to 21st Street @Florida for a coffee, ice tea, Italian soda, free internet or just hangout. Also, I’m taking band submissions right now to play live in the studio. ONLY acoustic sets and no amps whatsoever! Let’s say like a living room feel to it (minus the bongs, coke mirrors, porn and booze). C’mon, it’s a neighborhood café. Anyway, get a hold of me for submissions.

Also, THE THRASH ATTACK is still every Thursday 4to7PM (PST) at WWW.KSCU.ORG or 103.3FM in the South Bay. Spread the word and tell all your friends in bands, labels, promoters, bookers or anybody else that deals with bands. Thanks for everything and have a nice weekend and be cool. Cheers!

PLAYLIST - JULY 10, 2008

*request / L-local
*(intro) Melvins / honey bucket / Houdini Live 2005
*Cult Of Luna / mire deep / Eternal Kingdom
*Hero Destroyed / cuase for cancer / Hero Destroyed
*Glass and Ashes / bird's eye view / Glass and Ashes
*Dissonant / charles bronson was great in / Copy-Burn-Distribute-Repeat
*Terror / rise of the poisoned youth / The Damned, The Shamed
*Withered / clamor beneath / Folie Circulaire
(L)*Agenda Of Swine / anatomy of social issues: problem contribution vs. solution / Waves Of Human Suffering
*Venomous Concept / every mother's son / Poisoned Apple
(L)*Totimoshi / little bee / Milagrosa
*Racebannon / bad case of. . . / Acid or Blood
*Killing The Dream / fractures / Fractures
*Coffins / purgatory madness / Buried Death
*Sweet Cobra / true crime, true criminals / Forever
*Cryptopsy / the plagued / The Unspoken King
*mandatory MELVINS / the smiling cobra / Nude With Boots
*Romans / nails, nails, nails / All Those Wrists
*Amebix / battery humans / No Sanctuary: The Spiderleg Recording
*Fate /vultures / Vultures
*Sirhan Sirhan / time to bleed / Blood
*Cancer Brats / deathsmarch / Hail Destroyer
*Shai Hulud / bewinged / Misanthropy Pure
*Aborted / avarice of vilification / Strychnine.213
*Unleashed / your children will die / Hammer Battalion
*Gama Bomb / zombie blood nightmare / Citizen Brain
*Deadbird / dead of the self / Twilight Ritual
*The Famine / stitched in plastic / The Raven and the Reaping
*Soul Embraced / the devil's reflection / Dead Alive
*Made Out Of Babies / how to get bigger / The Ruiner
*Head On Collision / electrocutioner / Ritual Sacrifice
*Valient Thorr / tackle the walrus / Immortalizer
*Modey Lemon / become a monk / Season Of Sweets
(L)*The Family Curse / to the moon / Spice Rack
*Warsaw / Warsaw / Warsaw
*King Khan and the Shrines / land of the freak / The Supreme Genius Of. . .
*CPC Gangbang / one more girl / Mutilation Nation
*The Kung Fu Killers / raise high the black flag / Fists Of Fury
(L)*Sassy!!! / pill made my foot slow / Get A Grip
*Hellbound Glory / hellbound glory / Scumbag Country
*The Gang / fits & shadow fights / Zero Hits
*Cantwell Gomez & Jordan / i'm almost out of music / Hot Licks and Rhetoric
*Indian Jewelry / temporary famine ship / Free Gold
*Hunchback / worse house / Pray For Scars

***They All Must Be Slaughtered***

*Pirate Cat Radio*

PLAYLIST - July 15, 2008

*Revolting Cocks / beers, steers and queers (remixes) 12"
*Action Swingers / hot rockin action / Action Swingers
*Iron Maiden / flight of icarus / 7"
*Antiseen / melting pot / The Boys From Brutalsville (re-release)
*Nigel Peppercock / stoned / The New Way
*Black Cobra / broken on the wheel / Bestial
*Skatenigs / chemical imbalance / 12"
*Federale / car crash / Federale
*Jello Biafra w/Brown Town West / Speed Demon / 7"
*The Grannies / viva la electrocution / Gumjob
*The Penetrators / bad woman / Bad Woman
*The Heavy Hearts / spit when you say my name / The Heavy Hearts
*God Bullies / act opf desire / Mama Womb Womb
*Ladyfinger / diet smoke / Heavy Hands
*Annihilation Time / about to snap / Tales Of The Ancient Age
*Low Frequency In Stereo / 21 / The Last Temptation Of...
*Young Widows / swamped and agitated / Split 7" w/Plows
*Melvins / the smiling cobra / Nude With Boots
*Hullabaloo / gotta go / Beat Until Stiff
*Murder City Devils / dear hearts / R.I.P.
*Black Tusk / end of days / Passage Through Purgatory
*N.W.A. / straight outta Compton / Straight Outta Compton
*The Okmoniks / hide and seek / Party Fever!!!
*Coconut Coolouts / (Please Don't Break Me Out Of) Party Jail / Party Time Machine
*The Phenoms / cross section / Home Brain Surgery Kit
*Butthole Surfers / sweet loaf / Locust Abortion Technician