Wednesday, June 18, 2008


YO! Jello’s Birthday Bash last night was off the wall. I got too see so many friends from all over the Bay Area and all in one place. The 1983 MELVINS set was pretty good for a band that hasn't played in 25 years. AKIMBO scared and delighted so many people. I think they have new fans in San Francisco now. TRICLOPS were crazy as usual. The Green Party Vice-President, Matt Gonzalez came out to introduce Jello Biafra's band. Then, his band morphed into the JELVINS. I guess the bass and other guitar player in the Jelvins were the TOOL guys. I don't know, I'm not a fan of TOOL but, I am assuming. Overall, the whole night was great. The place was sold out, beer was flying around, the chicks were dressed to kill, the pit was sick and all the old people today are probably hurting. . . especially the bands. HA!

This weekend I’m pretty much chilling out. I may go to the Warped Tour too see the BRONX. I know for a fact later that night I’ll be at the Hemlock Tavern to hear some new songs from Oakland’s, TOTIMOSHI. The new album titled, “Milagrosa, will be released on July 8th via Volcom Entertainment. After that, the band is taking off on a full U.S.A. tour kicking off on Aug. 5th with NEBULA. I wish I could be the merch guy on that tour. HA! Anyway, come on out to the Hemlock to get the band pumped up early to hit the fuckin’ road. Vroom Vroom!!!

OK, you may already know that I have a new radio show every Tuesday 4to6PM (PST) at Pirate Cat Radio 87.9 San Francisco/Los Angeles and 104.8FM in Berlin, Germany. You can also check it out online and listen at WWW.PIRATECATRADIO.COM. The station is also attached to the PCR Café. I’m taking band submissions right now to play live in the studio. ONLY acoustic and no amps whatsoever! Let’s say like a living room feel to it (minus the bongs, coke mirrors, porn and booze). C’mon, it’s a neighborhood café. Anyway, get a hold of me for submissions.

Also, THE THRASH ATTACK is every Thursday 4to7PM (PST) at WWW.KSCU.ORG or 103.3FM in the South Bay. Spread the word and tell all your friends in bands, labels, promoters, bookers or anybody else that deals with bands. Thanks for everything and have a nice weekend and be cool. Cheers!

They All Must Be Slaughtered!


PLAYLIST - JUNE 17, 2008

*Jello Biafra with the Melvins / the lighter side of global terrorism / Sieg Howdy!
*Lard / forkboy / The Last Temptation of Reid
*Lard / pineapple face / The Last Temptation of Reid
*The Restarts / 1. outsider 2. they're on to you 5. no escape / Outsider
*Melvins / (Broken scissors) & (Airplane) / Mangled Demos from 1983
*Jello Biafra with the Melvins / kali-fornia uber alles 21st century / Seig Howdy!
*Lard / 5. can god fill teeth? 6. bozo skeleton / The Last Temptation of Reid
*Jesus Lizard / the associate / Down
*Melvins / goggles / Stag

KSCU Loud Rock TOP 10 ending Sunday, June 15th

1 SIRHAN SIRHAN Blood Anodyne
2 POPULATION REDUCTION Each Birth A New Disaster Tankcrimes
3 COFFINS Buried Death 20 Buck Spin
4 UFOMAMMUT Idolum SupernaturalCat
5 AMEBIX No Sanctuary: The Spiderleg Recordings Alternative Tentacles
6 ZERO DOWN Good Times... At The Gates Of Hell AlphaFemale
7 COLDWORKER Rotting Paradise Relapse
8 RACEBANNON Acid Or Blood
9 SECRET Disintoxication Goodfellow
10 HATCHET Awaiting Evil Metal Blade