Wednesday, April 16, 2008


I CAN NOT SLEEP FOR SOME REASON! Sorry for screaming but, I haven’t slept well since last Thursday. I’m enjoying my life right now and I don’t really have any huge problems or drama in my life. I have sleeping pills but, I don’t want to use them yet. Maybe I should and get some good sleep. Anyway, I’m going to have another seven days of sleepless nights because the Bay Area is getting hit with so many good shows and I think I’m going to tape my eyelids and might as well stay up. Well OK, let’s get things rollin’. . .

First off, on my radio show this Thursday at 4PM I will have BLACKLISTED calling in. BLACKLISTED is a different kind of Hardcore band because of their energy, brutal riffs and vocals that they bring to the new album and/or the stage. The band is on Deathwish Inc. Records and the new album, "Heavier Than Heaven, Lonelier Than God” was engineered by none other than Kurt Ballou (Converge). These kids will be performing at 924 Gilman in Berkeley this Sunday, April 20th at 5PM. Also on the bill is Killing The Dream and Have Heart. Get the new album and I swear you won’t stop listening to it.

This Friday, April 18th at my favorite bar Thee Parkside, will have a great line-up. These bands are so different from one another that you’re not going to know what to do. THE MARKED MEN (Denton, TX), TRICLOPS (SF), TULSA (?), and TOYS THAT KILL (L.A.). I’m glad that Toys That Kill is here and it’ll be my second time seeing them. Last time I saw them they opened up for the DWARVES during the weekend of the L.A. Shakedown. Remember that that crap?! Anyway, come on out and enjoy some Punk Rock at Thee Parkside.

Saturday, April 19th will be one of the best of 2008 San Francisco Metal shows at Annie’s Social Club. EXTREME NOISE TERROR (U.K.), STRONG INTENTIONS (Columbia, Maryland), TRAP THEM (New Hampshire / Seattle), VERLATEN (ex-Plutocracy / Dead-Bodies-Everywhere), AGENDA OF SWINE (ex-Benumb / Vulgar Pigeons) and SELF INFLICTED. I’m looking forward seeing this show. It’s like a heavyweight fight of metal bands all on one bill but, it’s not at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. Also, the show is an Alcoholocaust & Self Inflicted Presents and they are letting me pass out a pair of tickets for the show. Thanks guys.

Oh yeah, the weekend goes into the following week with another Alcoholocaust Presents show. This time, remember the days of WIRE, THE WIPERS, JOY DIVISION and many others that took music to another level? Of course you do. Well, Monday, April 21st at Thee Parkside is having one of those shows. THE ESTRANGED (Portland, OR), SPECTRES (Vancouver, British Columbia Canada) and N.N. (?). Come out and check out some Post-Punk at its best.

Last but not least, we have a Metal show on Tuesday, April 22nd at Thee Parkside (I love this place) and I can proudly say I love this band as well. MENDOZZA from Vancouver, BC Canada will be blasting their speakers through the roof along with GOLERS also from Vancouver, BC Canada. MENDOZZA has been sending music to me for the past few years and it’s incredible that I’ve never seen them before; I’m expecting a total Thrash Attack from them. Somewhere I saw that they sound like Entombed dating the Melvins while making out to old Metallica. I think that says it all. They’re also playing in San Francisco at Annie’s Social Club a few days later with TODAY IS THE DAY. So no excuses to come out and support some kick ass metal from Canada.

Oh yeah, the podcast recorder at the station is down. No podcast of my radio show from last week but, I still have a few up so go and check ‘em out. You can also listen in to my radio show every Thursday 4to7PM (PST) on the World Wide Web at WWW.KSCU.ORG. I spin nothing but new music and sometimes will spin some old stuff if I get a wild hair up my ass. Thanks for all your support by sending music, spreading the word around about KSCU and me or just being a friend of mine. Thanks for everything. Have a nice weekend, take care and please stay out of trouble. HAHAHA! CHEERS!


R-request / L-local
*(intro)Melvins / honey bucket / Houdini Live 2005
(L)*Dystopia / now and forever / Dystopia
*Indian / slights and abuse / Slights and Abuse / The Sycophant
*Embrace The End / cop in a cage / Ley Lines
*Origin / the aftermath / Antithesis
*Third Degree / from simple punks / Punk Sugar
*The Children / death tribe / Death Tribe 12”
*A Different Breed Of Killer / liberation of a giant / I. Colossus
*Trap Them / insomniaawesome / Sleep Deconstructor
*Cursed / night terrors / Three
*Jucifer / procession a la guillotine / L’autrichienne
*Hate Eternal / proclamation of the damned / Fury & Flames
*Blacklisted / memory lane / Heavier Than Heaven Lonelier Than God
*Cavalera Conspiracy / the doom of all fires / Inflikted
*Paint It Black / the ledge / New Lexicon
(L)*Born/Dead / barricades / The Final Collapse
*mandatory MELVINS / the talking horse / A Senile Animal
*The Sword / under the boughs / Gods Of The Earth
*Unearthly Trance / the scum is in orbit / Electrocution
*Bury Your Dead / womb disease / Bury Your Dead
*Dead Child / angel of the odd / Attack
*Genghis Tron / things don’t look good / Board Up The House
(L)*Iron Lung / pressure / Sexless//No Sex
*Red Flight / late for the execution / The Years
(L)*The Forgotten / American dreams & the collector / The Forgotten
*The Penetrators / teenage lifestyle / Bad Woman
*The Okmoniks / hide and seek / Party Fever!!!
*Zero Down / good times at the gates of hell / Good Times at the Gates of Hell
*The Heavy Hearts / attrition / A Killer Of Snakes
*Pleasureboaters / state of the union / Gross!
***Saturday, April 12th @ Thee Parkside***
*The Generators / go away / State Of the Nation
*Midnight Bombers / satan’s children / Evil Streets
***Sunday, April 13th @ The Knockout***
*Criminal Damage / my escape / No Solution
*The Freeks / lost & never found / The Freeks
*Mos Generator / silver Olympus / Songs For Future Gods
*The Underground Railroad To Candyland / over and o’er / Bird Roughs
*The Come N’ Go / it’s OK / Something’s Gotta Give
*Fur Cups For Teeth / smile / Fun Luck You Keep
*Mama Rosin / my true love / Tu as perdu ton chemin
*The Kills / cheap and cheerful / Midnight Boom
*The Juke Joint Pimps / money honey / Boogie The House Down-Juke Joint Style
*Man Man / top drawer / Rabbit Habits
*Murder By Death / ’52 Ford / Red Of Tooth And Claw
*Mission Of Burma / this is not a photograph / The Definitive Editions
*Butthole Surfers / one hundred million people dead / Humpty Dumpty LSD

KSCU Loud Rock TOP 10 ending Sunday, April 13th

1 PAINT IT BLACK New Lexicon Jade Tree
2 BLACKLISTED Heavier Than Heaven, Lonelier Than God Deathwish Inc.
3 DEAD CHILD Attack Touch And Go-Quarterstick
4 GENGHIS TRON Board Up The House Relapse
5 CAVALERA CONSPIRACY Inflikted Roadrunner
6 UNEARTHLY TRANCE Electrocution Relapse
7 HATE ETERNAL Fury And Flames Metal Blade
8 JUCIFER L'Autrichienne Relapse
9 BURY YOUR DEAD Bury Your Dead Victory
10 THE SWORD Gods Of The Earth Kemado