Wednesday, April 9, 2008


By the time your reading this I would’ve already saw the stupid Olympic Torch go by near my house. I planned to get out of work early, ride my bike to the torch run, have a few hot dogs with a Coke and see me some riots. Earlier this week three people climbed the Golden Gate Bridge and hung two banners off of it protesting the Olympic Torch coming here because of Tibet. Being a Texan and not seeing too much protests growing up, it’s pretty good seeing this and how people of all kinds could get together and believe in one thing. I love this country for our right to protest, free speech and drinking beer. I’m hoping that I’m not in jail tonight or the riot police beating me for eating hot dogs and drinking a Coke. That would be a cool picture though. HAHAHA!

This Saturday, April 12th at Thee Parkside, THE GENERATORS will be gracing all of us with their presence. For nearly a decade these guys have put out a hand full of records, have toured all over the place and have no sign of stopping. Roger Moser with Under The Volcano Magazine says “The Generators always give you their classic signature melodic Punk Sound with a blistering swagger of Rock N Roll, as if Bad Religion and Social Distortion were split at birth”. Also, what would a show be without THE MIDNIGHT BOMBERS! These guys are a “Punk bomb” ready to be detonated at nights end. It’s always good seeing these and if you get to
close. . . BOOM! Also on the bill is The Final Solution.

I love early Sunday shows because I can go out, have drinks and still make it to work the next day without a hangover. I’m talking about Sunday, April 13th at The Knockout we will have CRIMINAL DAMAGE (from Portland - members of Tragedy). They have a few records on Feral Ward Records and what I’ve heard so far is they are not as hard as Tragedy but, they will get down and tear it up. Also on the bill is NEEDLES (members of Limp Wrist / Talk is Poison / Look Back and Laugh), STIFF JEANS (Oakland) and YELLOW EYES ( x-members of Dead and Gone / MD 20/20 / Santorum). Also, the show is brought to you by once again Scott Alcoholocaust. The door opens at 5PM and the show starts at 5:30PM. Come early, leave late. HAHAHAHA!

Don’t forget, you can listen to my show every week on the internet at WWW.KSCU.ORG or if you live in the South Bay its at the dial of 103.3FM. If you miss my show, you can always go to my podcast websites at the links to the right of you. Download them on your phone, your laptop or whatever gadget you use these days. Thanks!

Oh yeah, I have good news but, I’ll write about it next week but, I’ll give you a hint, I have a new radio gig in San Francisco. Thanks everybody for all the music, free ticket giveaways and everything else you do for the station and me. Have a great weekend, go see a show and keep spreading the word on KSCU 103.3FM and me, Naked Rob. CHEERS!

KSCU Loud Rock for CMJ ending April 6th

1 BLACKLISTED Heavier Than Heaven, Lonelier Than God Deathwish Inc.
2 PAINT IT BLACK New Lexicon Jade Tree
3 GENGHIS TRON Board Up The House Relapse
4 IRON LUNG Sexless//No Sex Prank
5 CAVALERA CONSPIRACY Inflikted Roadrunner
6 KINGDOM OF SORROW Kingdom Of Sorrow Relapse
7 BORN/DEAD Final Collapse Prank
8 HATE ETERNAL Fury And Flames Metal Blade
9 SWORN ENEMY Maniacal Century Media
10 THE SWORD Gods Of The Earth Kemado