Wednesday, January 30, 2008


I got the flu and it sucks. I may not do my radio show tomorrow or go out this weekend but, I do have something to pimp. Scott Alcoholocaust and The Bar Feeders are throwing a benefit show for RAZORCAKE. RAZORCAKE is a Fanzine (the best out there), book publishing, record label and a non-profit organization in Los Angeles to educate people in what we love and live: independent music and the community surrounding it. Here's the show details:

Alcoholocaust Presents:

A Razorcake Benefit Show

February 2nd, 2008

La Plebe
The Bar Feeders
Cobra Skulls

at El Rio
3851 Mission St @ Cesar Chaves
San Francisco, California

Doors open at 9 PM / Show starts at 10 PM
$7 admission / 21 and over

Come on out and support a great cause. If you can't make it, check out the website above for more info and donate if you can. Have fun!
Don't forget to check out the radio show every Thursday online at
KSCU 103.3FM 4TO7PM (PST). Also, If you missed my radio show, I podcast at these links: THE THRASH ATTACK podcast and THE NAKED ROB SHOW podcast . Go ahead, put 'em in your iPhone or whatever gadget you may have these days.
It's a new year everybody so, make sure to spread the word to all your friends in bands, record labels and so on to send music for possible radio airplay here in the San Francisco Bay Area. Have a cool weekend, be cool and take care. CHEERS!

PLAYLIST - January 24, 2008

R-request / L-local
*(intro)Melvins / honey bucket / Houdini Live 2005
*Deathpils / hate speech / Diablo Road
*Salt The Wound / gloves / Carnal Repercussions
*Brain Drill / apocalyptic feasting / Apocalyptic Feasting
(L)*Devil's Son In Law / thistle / Devils Son In Law
(L)*Wildildlife / feed / Six
(L) *Impaled / up the dose / The Last Gasp
*Birds Of Prey / liquor blisters / Sulfer & Semen
*Corpus Mortale / dehumanized / A New Species Of Deviant
*The Ocean / palaeoarchaean / Precambrian
*Today Is The Day / free at last / Axis Of Eden
*Disnihil / parasites / Disnihil
*Pulling Teeth / martyr immortal / Martyr Immortal
*Dillinger Escape Plan / party smasher / Ire Works
*Agnostic Front / outrage / Warriors
*mandatory MELVINS / repulsion / Making Love Demos
*Severe Torture / redefined identity / Sworn Vengeance
*Shipwreck a.d. / lotus / Abyss
*Disfear / the cage / Live the Storm
(L)*Saviours / narcotic sea / Into Abaddon
*Mendozza / hooch (MELVINS) / White Rhino
*Himsa / hooks as hands / Summon In Thunder
(L)*Black Cobra / thanos / Feather and Stone
*Khann / ignorance / Tofutopia
*Arise and Ruin / always the same / The Final Dawn
*Arson Anthem / year of the fork / Arson Anthem
*Frightener / acheron / Guillotine
*Nights Like These / electric winds / Sunlight At Secondhand
*Squalora / poverty eugenics / Squalora
*Brutal Knights / 2 / Living By Yourself
*CoConut Coolouts / (please don’t break me out) party jail / Party Time Machine
*Black Mountain / stormy high / In The Future
*Liars / plaster casts of everthing / Liars
*Les Savy Fav / raging in the plague / Let’s Stay Friends
(L)*Jonny Manak & The Depressives / every nights a Friday / Rebound Town
*Broken Bottles / I’ll dress you / Hospital
*Dragbeat / it’s a gas / various – Greeting From Los Angeles. . . Eight Years Of Acetate Records
*The Ape-Shits / dirty hand stomp / La Pollution Culturelle
*U.S.S.A. / autumn flowers / The Spoils
*Skullflower / spoiler / IIIRD Gatekeeper (re-issue)
*The New Flesh / steel & stone / Vessel
*Polkadot Cadaver / pure bedlam for halfbreeds / Purgatory Dance Party
*Wire / desert diving / Read & Burn 03

KSCU TOP 10 Loud Rock ending Sunday, January 27th

1 ARSON ANTHEM Arson Anthem Housecore
2 SAVIOURS Into Abaddon Kemado
3 IMPALED Last Gasp Willowtip
4 AGNOSTIC FRONT Warriors Nuclear Blast
5 DISFEAR Live The Storm Relapse
6 SEVERE TORTURE Sworn Vengeance Earache
7 SHIPWRECK A.D. Abyss Deathwish
8 WILDILDLIFE Six Crucial Blast
9 THE OCEAN Precambrian Metal Blade
10 HIMSA Summon In Thunder Century Media