Wednesday, January 23, 2008


(Art by Ron Donovan / SFCA)
We've been having some terrible cold weather here in San Francisco. Not just cold weather but, raining cold weather. I know some of you have crazier weather happening in your area and I feel for you. REALLY! Anyway, I was planning too see THE LIARS at Slim's this Friday but, it seems the singer got into a little problem. From, "It seems that the band's super-tall frontman Angus Andrew seriously injured his back last weekend while bending down to pick up a couch pillow. "A seismic bolt tore through the fabric of [Andrew's] lower back rendering him immobile on the living room floor," the band wrote on their MySpace blog." Whatever. I'll just hang with my chick this weekend. Probably go see a few new flicks.
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It's a new year everybody so, make sure to spread the word to all your friends in bands, record labels and so on to send music for possible radio airplay here in the San Francisco Bay Area. Have a cool weekend, be cool and take care. CHEERS!

PLAYLIST - January 17, 2008

R-request / L-local
*(intro)Melvins / honey bucket / Houdini Live 2005
*Birds Of Prey / satisfy the 45 / Sulfer & Semen
*The Ocean / hadean / Precambrian
*Arson Anthem / hammer them out / Arson Anthem
(L)*Saviours / cavern of mind / Into Abaddon
*Agnostic Front / dead to me / Warriors
*Triac / the blue room / The Blue Room
*Frightener / smokescreen / Guillotine
(L) *Impaled / all gut, no glory / The Last Gasp
*Shipwreck a.d. / helix / Abyss
*Severe Torture / dogmasomatic nausea / Sworn Vengeance
*Arise and Ruin / fear itself / The Final Dawn
*Nights Like These / claw your way out / Sunlight At Secondhand
*Pulling Teeth / sick and tired / Martyr Immortal
*Disfear / fiery father / Live the Storm
*Disnihil / compassion fatigue / Disnihil
(L)*Devil’s Son In Law / 40 acres / Devils Son In Law
*mandatory MELVINS / Vile Vermillion Vacancy / Making Love Demos
*Himsa / haunter / Summon In Thunder
*Dillinger Escape Plan / 82588 / Ire Works
*Khann / silver mouth / Tofutopia
*Squalora / what’s at stake / Squalora
*Paths Of Possession / memory burn / The End of the Hour
*Today Is The Day / total resistance / Axis Of Eden
*U.S.S.A. / forget yourself / The Spoils
*Pride Tiger / let ‘em go / The Lucky Ones
*Turks / whale chum / Turks
*Butcherwhite / hello illusion / Butcherwhite
*Black Eyes & Neckties / tombs / Apparition
*Cicadas / yr heart is a tourist friendly dystopia / Consult The Bones Disgusting Skulls
*Madraso / iteration / Madraso
*The New Flesh / squeeze / Vessel
*Skullflower / rotten sun / IIIRD Gatekeeper (re-issue)
(L)*The Forgotten / revolutionary / Keep The Corpses Quiet
*Cock Sparrer / runnin’ riot / Runnin’ Riot Across the U.S.A.
*Broken Bottles / psychobilly girl / Hospital
*Cloak/Dagger / new years resolution / We Are. . .
(L)*Cobretti / bender / Violation Guaranteed
*The Ape-Shits / everything you do / La Pollution Culturelle
*The Hangmen / rotten Sunday / various – Greeting From Los Angeles. . . Eight Years Of Acetate Records
*SUPERSUCKERS / must’ve been high / Must’ve Been Live
*God Equals' Genocide / miracle time / This World is Wearin Me Down (7" – Razorcake Records)
*Wire / our time / Read & Burn 03
*The Damaged Manual / laugh track / Limited Edition
*Death From Above / do it! / Heads Up
*Steel Pole Bathtub / kinder party / Unlistenable
*Butthole Surfers / one hundred million people dead / Humpty Dumpty LSD

KSCU TOP 10 Loud Rock ending Sunday, January 20th
1 TODAY IS THE DAY Axis Of Eden Supernova
2 IMPALED Last Gasp Willowtip
3 SQUALORA Squalora Wantage usa
4 BIRDS OF PREY Sulfur And Semen Relapse
5 SEVERE TORTURE Sworn Vengeance Earache
6 PULLING TEETH Martyr Immortal Deathwish
7 NIGHTS LIKE THESE Sunlight At Secondhand Victory
8 FRIGHTENER Guillotine Chainsaw Safety Records
9 KHANN Tofutopia Blackmarket Activities-Metal Blade
10 HIMSA Summon In Thunder Century Media