Thursday, January 3, 2008


We here in San Francisco and the Bay Area finally got a taste of bad weather this past Friday. I mean, winds blew trees away, power was out to most of the Bay Area (still some places are with no power), the airports basically closed and the rain kept coming without an end in sight. This week is pretty much the baby brother of the weather we had this past weekend and a lot of us are glad the first wave is gone. I stayed home like a heroin addict with all the essentials to survive the weekend (movies, beer and food). Now, I can try to get out and enjoy the city.
Nothing is really going on for me this weekend, just a few things. Tomorrow night at Babylon Falling is the book signing for PLASTICLAND from Frank Kozik. If you've been living on another planet, you probably don't know that Kozik makes toys now. Yep, toys! Personally, I'm not a toy fan but, his toys are freakin' cool. The book signing starts at 7PM and ends whenever Frank wants it to end. C'mon down, meet Frank and enjoy some toy playing in San Francisco. Also, the usual for me this weekend: Happy Hour at Thee Parkside, Haight Street on Saturday afternoon and hanging with the girlfriend.
Don't forget to check out the radio show every Thursday at KSCU 103.3FM 4TO7PM (PST). Also, If you missed my radio show, I podcast at the links to the right of you.
It’s a new year everybody so, make sure to spread the word to all your friends in bands, record labels and so on to send music for possible radio airplay here in the San Francisco Bay. Have a cool weekend, stay dry if you can and take care. CHEERS!

Naked Rob

PLAYLIST - January 3, 2008

R-request / L-local
*(intro)Melvins / honey bucket / Houdini Live 2005
*Disnihil / collaborator / Disnihil
*Shipwrecked / squall / Abyss
*Batman vs. Predator / ??? / Batman vs. Predator
*Cicadas / the minor planets / Consult the Bones Disgusting Skulls
*Pulling Teeth / with avarice & dead is dead / Martyr Immortal
*The Ocean / palaeoarchaean / Precambrian
*Himsa / unleash carnage / Summon In Thunder
*Severe Torture / dismal perception / Sworn Vengeance
(L)*Wildildlife / tungsten steel-epilouge / Six
*Frightener / depress / Guillotine
*Nights Like These / veteran thieves / Sunlight At Secondhand
*Revolting Breed / enemy / Rise Against
*Skeletonwitch / baptized in flames / Beyond The Permafrost
*Today Is The Day / IED / Axis Of Eden
*Khann / black water permeaters / Tofutopia
*Arise and Ruin / in life / The Final Dawn
*Dillinger Escape Plan / lurch / Ire Works
(L)*Red Handed / room 13 (Black Flag) / Wounds Remain
*Soul Control / dance of shadows / Involution
*mandatory MELVINS / youth of today (The Wipers) / Electroretard
(L)*Black Cobra / red tide / Feather and Stone
*Paths Of Possession / pushing through the pass / The End of the Hour
*Squalora / identity crisis / Squalora
*Mendozza / the hounding / White Rhino
*The Tony Danza Tap Dance Extravaganza / the electric boogaloo / Danza II: The Electric Boogaloo
*Evile / thrasher / Enter The Grave
*The New Flesh / more dull irony / Vessel
*Madraso / this is our storm / Madraso
(L)*Abrupt / face first / 2007 Demo
*Skullflower / larks tongues / IIIRD Gatekeeper (re-issue)
*Counselor / check makeout / Counselor
*The Ape-Shits / (I see) white people / La Pollution Culturelle
*Broken Bottles / generation USA / Hospital
*Black Eyes & Neckties / dark skies / Apparition
*Liars / plaster casts of everthing / Liars
*No Age / boy void / Weirdo Rippers
*We Are Wolves / vamos a la playa / Total Magique
*The Busy Signals / stereo / The Busy Signals
*Killing California / underground girl / Goin' South
*Fatal Flying Guilloteens / hello, boss!!! / Quantum Fucking
*Bear Claw / point A to point / Slow Speed: Deep Owls
*Clipd Beaks / Horse Lords / Horse Lords
*God Equals’ Genocide / lost time / This World is Wearin Me Down (7” – Razorcake Records)
*The Frantic / big papa / Audio & Murder
*Brimstone Howl / I’m a man / Guts Of Steel
*Invisible Enemies / feed my tapeworm / Braindust!
*KMFDM / superpower / Tohuvabohu
*Ministry / burning inside / The Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Taste
*Evil mothers / I like fur (the Masoch Kiss) / I Love Fur
*Revolting Cocks / stainless steel providers / Beers, Steers & Queers