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I LOVE SPRING! Well, sort of. It’s nice here in San Francisco during the day and cold at night but, its perfect weather that I personally like. Anyway, hope all of you are doing well. I have a pretty cool next few days coming up. First, I’ll being seeing probably the last show in San Francisco for MINISTRY. Uncle Al said he’s hanging up the cowboy hat and focus more on producing and sitting behind the board making other bands as good as his bands. I’ve been a fan of Ministry since the late 80’s and all of Uncle Al’s side-projects on Wax Trax Records and of course LARD. I don’t think we’ll see another band or another musician like Al for a very long time. He’s a mad man scientist in the studio, has created some of the best music/bands (REVCO, 1000 HOMO DJ’S, ACID HORSE, etc. . ) and has always had control of his projects. I guess I could say he’s the Stanley Kubrick of Industrial music. He’s helped so many bands/musicians succeed in the creative department and seeing them take off into sometimes huge. I will miss Uncle Al and his antics and I hope one day someone will step up and continue what Al started over 20 years ago. Thanks Uncle Al for all the great music and the kick ass live shows throughout the years. CHEERS!

Unfortunately, I will miss a CD release party at Thee Parkside for a San Francisco band that reminds a little bit of Ministry and that’s why I like seeing them. That band is THE FAMILY CURSE. Sorry TFC but, have fun without me though. I’ll catch you next time.

Lastly, Saturday night at 12 Galaxies in the mission District will be one of the best shows to kick off spring time in San Francisco and it’s another Parkers Presents. The line-up is EARTHLESS (Cosmic Rock), HOT FOG (ROCK), CHEETAH SPEED (members of Zen Guerilla, Mensclub, Hammerdown Turpentine & Sonic Love Affair) and STIGMA 13 (Garage Punk RocknRoll). I like this line-up is great because all four bands are different in music and styles. Its going to be a mixture of Punks, Rockers and Old Timers and I think everyone is going too get along and who knows, maybe new friends and bands will come about by the end of the night. Come on out to 12 Galaxies and make sure to have a good fake I.D. because it’s 21 & over.

Oh yeah, I have good news but, I’ll write about it next week but, I’ll give you a hint, I have a new radio gig in San Francisco. Thanks everybody for all the music, free ticket giveaways and everything else you do for the station and me. Have a great weekend, go see a show and keep spreading the word on KSCU 103.3FM and me, Naked Rob. CHEERS!

PLAYLIST – March 27, 2008

R-request / L-local

*(intro)Melvins / honey bucket / Houdini Live 2005


*Cursed / night terrors / Three

*Sourvein / septic werewolves / Ghetto Angel

*Black Pyramid / visions of gehenna / 7”

*Hate Eternal / the funerary march / Fury & Flames

*Paint It Black / saccharine / New Lexicon

(L)*Brain Drill / bury the living / Apocalyptic Feasting

*Cavalera Conspiracy / hex / Inflikted

*Ministry and Co-Conspirators / black betty (Ledbetter) / Cover Up

*Meshuggah / obzen / Obzen

*Hemlock / no time for sorrow / No Time For Sorrow

*Middian / the celebrant / Age Eternal

*Desolation / black birds / Desolation

*Blacklisted / I am weighing me down / Heavier Than Heaven Lonelier Than God

*mandatory MELVINS / show off your red hands / 26 songs

*Danava / the emerald show of sleep / UnonoU

*Deadsea / coming home / Deadsea

*Sworn Enemy / said and done / Maniacal

(L)*Born/Dead / sirens / The Final Collapse

*Bury Your Dead / fever dream / Bury Your Dead

*Kingdom Of Sorrow / free the fallen / Kingdom of Sorrow

*The Sword / maiden, mother & crone / Gods Of The Earth

(L)*Iron Lung / sexless//no sex / Sexless//No Sex

*Fight Amp / dumb luck / Hungry For Nothing

*Dead Child / angel of the odd / Attack

*Gravity Propulsion System / here’s to saying random things / Days Like Razors

*VvereVvolf GrehV / eureka ghost / Zombie Aesthetics

*Genghis Tron / board up the house / Board Up The House

*Electric Wizard / saturnine / Witchcult Today


*Sonic Youth / beat on the brat (Ramones) / Master Dik

*The Come N’ Go / the time you spend, the life you have / Something’s Gotta Give

*The Underground Railroad To Candyland / yuppie hip-hop ad / Bird Roughs

*Man Man / hurly burly / Rabbit Habits

*Flat Duo Jets / hoy hoy / Two Headed Cow

*The Kills / cheap and cheerful / Midnight Boom

*Mission Of Burma / that’s when I reach for my revolver / The Definitive Editions

*Revolting Cocks / attack ship on fire / Big Sexyland LP

*KMFDM / a drug against war / Angst

*Skinny Puppy / tin omen / Twelve Inch Remixes

*Pigface / auto #9 / vs. The world: Best Of

*My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult / the days of swine and roses / Confessions Of A Knife. . .

KSCU Loud Rock TOP 10 ending March 30th

1 MINISTRY AND CO-CONSPIRATORS Cover Up Megaforce-13th Planet
2 BLACKLISTED Heavier Than Heaven, Lonelier Than God Deathwish Inc.
3 KINGDOM OF SORROW Kingdom Of Sorrow Relapse
4 BORN/DEAD Final Collapse Prank
5 PAINT IT BLACK New Lexicon Jade Tree
6 DEAD CHILD Attack Touch And Go-Quarterstick
7 CAVALERA CONSPIRACY Inflikted Roadrunner
8 HATE ETERNAL Fury And Flames Metal Blade
9 FIGHT AMP Hungry For Nothing Translation Loss
10 SWORN ENEMY Maniacal Century Media

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Everybody went to the goddamn Ministry show! For reals.

Thanks for the support, brother Rob. You were missed last night!

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