Wednesday, April 23, 2008


I’m so glad I’ll be chilling this weekend. I’ve been on a roll as of seeing bands in the past month or so. I’ve probably seen near 40-50 bands in the last two months or so. Anyway, some friends of mine from Milan, Italy are in San Francisco so I’m going to be “the guide” for them which I don’t mind because I love San Francisco. I’m hoping to take them to the MENDOZZA and BLACK COBRA show at Annie’s Social Club this Thursday. My friends love METAL and ROCKNROLL!

Another show I’ll be taking them to at Annie’s Social Club will be the following day Friday, April 25th. THE JACK SAINTS and JEWDRIVER! YES, the return of The Jack Saints. These guys have been in a long hibernation state, the snow has melted from Northern California and these guys are ready to bring it. They have a new drummer and I heard they are going to do nothing but new songs. I need to go through all my JS albums and do some catching up but, I still remember a few. Make sure to watch out for flying chairs or anything else because it’s going to be one of those shows. The other band is JEWDRIVER and all I know about these guys is they’re Jews, play Punk Rock and do Screwdriver songs but, adds a little Jew flavor to it. It going to be a crazy show so make sure to do your push-up and sit-ups for it. See you there.

After our new board has been placed into the studio we still can’t record our shows but don’t worry, you can still listen to my old podcasts at the links to the right of you. You can also listen to my radio show every Thursday 4TO7PM (PST) at WWW.KSCU.ORG. Thanks everybody for all the music you send, spreading the word about KSCU or me, for all your support or just being a friend. Thanks! Have a nice weekend and go see a band, it’ll be worth it. Help them out as well. CHEERS!


R-request / L-local


*Population Reduction / hash smoking grind kings / Each Birth A New Disaster

*Soilent Green / antioxidant / Inevitable Collapse in the Presence of Conviction

*Zero Down / good times at the gates of hell / Good Times at the Gates of Hell

*Trap Them / digital dogs with analog collars / Sleep Deconstructor

*Genghis Tron / I won't come back alive / Board Up The House

*Gravity Propulsion System / faker now than ever / Days Like Razors


­­­­­­­­­­­*Indian / second death / Slights and Abuse / The Sycophant

*Dead Child / wasp riot / Attack

*Blacklisted / maltrimony / Heavier Than Heaven Lonelier Than God

(L)*Dystopia / control alt delete / Dystopia

*Cavalera Conspiracy / nevertrust / Inflikted

*Deadsea / frozen rivers / Deadsea

*Cursed / night terrors / Three

*mandatory MELVINS / pink bat / Pigs of the Roman Empire

*Unearthly Trance / burn you insane / Electrocution

*The Sword / the white sea / Gods Of The Earth

*Ministry and Co-Conspirators / Mississippi queen (Mountain) / Cover Up

*Red Flight / introlude / The Years

*Origin / algorithm / Antithesis

*Paint It Black / missionary position / New Lexicon

*Bury Your Dead / angel with a dirty face / Bury Your Dead

*Meshuggah / this spiteful snake / Obzen


*Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds / we call upon the author / Dig, Lazarus, Dig!

*The Glasspack / ice cream, but no reply / Dirty Women

*Mos Generator / silver Olympus / Songs For Future Gods

*Federale / car crash / Federale

(L)*The Forgotten / run for shelter / The Forgotten

*The Heavy Hearts / revolution / A Killer Of Snakes

*The Death Set / listen to this collision / Worldwide

*Spectrum Meets Captain Memphis / when tomorrow hits / Indian Giver

***SHOW AT THEE PARKSIDE / Friday, April 18th***

*The Marked Men / I don't want it / The Marked Men

*Toys that Kill / all dogs are he's (all cats are she's) / Control the Sun

*Zodiac Killers / got burned / Radiation Beach

*The Okmoniks / It's not you / Party Fever

*The Penetrators / gotta have her / Bad Woman

*Pleasureboaters / cigarette song / Gross!

KSCU Loud Rock TOP 10 ending Sunday, April 20th

1 DEAD CHILD Attack Touch And Go-Quarterstick
2 PAINT IT BLACK New Lexicon Jade Tree
3 MINISTRY AND CO-CONSPIRATORS Cover Up Megaforce-13th Planet
4 THE SWORD Gods Of The Earth Kemado
5 UNEARTHLY TRANCE Electrocution Relapse
6 BLACKLISTED Heavier Than Heaven, Lonelier Than God Deathwish Inc.
7 CAVALERA CONSPIRACY Inflikted Roadrunner
8 HATE ETERNAL Fury And Flames Metal Blade
9 BURY YOUR DEAD Bury Your Dead Victory
10 MESHUGGAH ObZen Nuclear Blast

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