Wednesday, March 19, 2008


I hope all of you that went to SXSW had fun, got your fill of bar b q, booze and music. This weekend for me is going to feel like a mini SXSW because of some cool shows going on here in San Francisco. This Good Friday, March 21st will be the release party and show for TRICLOPS at Annie’s Social Club. TRICLOPS’ new album “Out Of Africa” will be out on Alternative Tentacles Records. The Bay Guardian calls TRICLOPS, “Mix Fleshies, Victim’s Family, Bottle & Skulls, shake and then stir, leaven punk fury with psyche tension, allow to rise. Rise to Rock and Roll DOMINATION, that is!” I think that says it all. Also on the bill is LOZEN (Tacoma), TURKS (SF) and comedians Alex Koll and Brent Weinbach in the backroom. Oh yeah, the show is brought to you by Alcoholocuast Presents!

Another Alcoholocuast Presents is happening about 2 miles away at Thee Parkside on the same night. DESPISE YOU, LACK OF INTEREST, VOETSEK, WARKRIME and SAY BOK GWAI! I don’t think I’m going to make it to Saturday after Friday night but as always, I’ll make it through somehow. The show is ALL Ages so bring your kids and your kids kid. HAHAHA!!!!

Hopefully I’ll have recovered from a massive THRASH ATTACK the night before to make it too see BLACK COBRA at The Hemlock Tavern Saturday, March 22nd. No need to explain that two guys could make so much noise and have the capabilities to bring it all together at the end of the song. Here’s a quote from the Hemlock, “As far as classification of their sound, doom metal mixed with sludge and grind and a dash of stoner metal sums up Black Cobra's musical recipe." Also on the bill is SANTHAI (SF/Oakland), LUX NOVA UMBRA EST (ex-Man is the Bastard) and I haven’t had a chance too see neither of those bands. It’ll be nice to get turned on to some new bands and hopefully get some music from them to spin on the airwaves. The Hemlock Tavern is 21 & over so sorry minors (unless you have a good fake I.D.).

I will not have a GIGPOSTERS.COM artist on the show this week but, Billy Perkins interview from last week is podcast’d already online at
THE THRASH ATTACK INTERVIEWS. I’ll have another GP artist on next weeks show. You can always catch my other podcasts at
THE THRASH ATTACK podcast and THE NAKED ROB SHOW podcast. Put 'em in your iPhone or whatever gadget you may have these days. Also, my radio show streams online every Thursday at KSCU 103.3FM. Check it out if you like.

Thanks everybody for all the music and support you have given to KSCU and me. Without you, this world would be my target for disruptive madness I can cause by being annoying. Have a great weekend, be cool and keep sending music for the airwaves here in the San Francisco Bay Area. CHEERS!

PLAYLIST – March 13, 2008

R-request / L-local

*(intro)Melvins / honey bucket / Houdini Live 2005

*Ministry and Co-Conspirators / roadhouse blues (DOORS) / Cover Up

*Meshuggah / electric red / Obzen

*Hemlock / and the friendship corrodes / No Time For Sorrow

*Gravity Propulsion System / the situation / Days Like Razors

*Unearthly Trance / chaos star / Electrocution

*Cavalera Conspiracy / sanctuary / Inflikted

*Jucifer / birds of a feather / L’autrichienne

*Kingdom Of Sorrow / hear this prayer for her / Kingdom of Sorrow

*Reign Supreme / faithless / American Violence EP

(L)*Brain Drill / consumed by the dead / Apocalyptic Feasting

(L)*Born/Dead / the final collapse / The Final Collapse

*Electric Wizard / saturnine / Witchcult Today

*Salt the Wound / a slight burning sensation / Carnal Repercussions

*mandatory MELVINS / roadbull / Stoner Witch

*Sworn Enemy / the americam way / Maniacal

*Hate Eternal / fury within / Fury & Flames

*Fight Amp / what a drag / Hungry For Nothing

*Genghis Tron / the feast / Board Up The House

*Paint it Black / shell game redux / New Lexicon

(L)*Iron Lung / pig hands / Sexless//No Sex

*Deadsea / vampyre’s kiss / Deadsea

*Grief of War / blood lust / A Mounting Crisis. . . As their Fury Got Released

*Danava / one mind gone separate ways / UnonoU


*Bauhaus / too much 21st century / Go Away White

*Fur Cups For Teeth / DDR / Fun Luck You Keep

*Big Bear / 19 / various – Love and Circuits

*Murder By Death / fuego / Red Of Tooth And Claw

*Crystal Castles / courtship dating / Crystal Castles

*The Big Sleep / tigers in our hearts / Sleep Forever

*CoConut Coolouts / headfull of stones / Party Time Machine

*Black Mountain / wucan / In The Future

*The Duke Spirit / you really wake up the love in me / Neptune

*The Juke Joint Pimps / rollin and tumblin / Boogie The House Down-Juke Joint Style

(L)*Touch My Rash / can’t stand you / Doomed From The Start

(L)*Grannies / luck (Supersuckers) / Incontinence: Outtakes & Demos 1999-2008

*Mama Rosin / pine grove blues / Tu as perdu ton chemin

*Brutal Knights / extreme lifestyle ’08 remix / Living By Yourself

*The Blind Shake / midnight scream / Carmel

*Les Savy Fav / raging in the plague age / Let’s Stay Friends

*Templars / hopeless / Biaus Seignors Freres

*The Spits / bring / The Spits


*Billy Perkins / Austin, TX

*The Deaf / into the fire / This Bunny Bites

*Chromatics / garden / Plaster Hounds

*The Knockout Pills / target h / 1+1=Ate

*Butthole Surfers / one hundred million people dead / Humpty Dumpty LSD

KSCU Loud Rock TOP 10 ending Sunday, March 16th

1 CAVALERA CONSPIRACY Inflikted Roadrunner
2 KINGDOM OF SORROW Kingdom Of Sorrow Relapse
3 IRON LUNG Sexless//No Sex Prank
4 BRAIN DRILL Apocalyptic Feasting Metal Blade
5 DANAVA UnonoU Kemado
6 PAINT IT BLACK New Lexicon Jade Tree
7 FIGHT AMP Hungry For Nothing Translation Loss
8 REIGN SUPREME American Violence Malfunction
9 SWORN ENEMY Maniacal Century Media
10 MESHUGGAH ObZen Nuclear Blast

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