Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Hey everybody! Hope all is well. Since last week I’ve been in a civil action against my old neighbor for some property of mine that he stole. Yesterday, it was all taken care of. In the old days I would’ve use revenge techniques or some other means to get my shit. Instead, I used the law (cops). I always thought I would’ve never of used the cops for anything until the other day. I had two things going for me. First was the element of surprise. Second, my old neighbor is a felon, stoner, gamer (=LOSER!) and I know he does not want Johnny Law to fuck his life up anymore than it is. Let me tell you one thing, the last seven days I had that feeling inside of me from my fight days back in high school. You know those feelings that float with you throughout the day and knowing after school you’re going to fight in front of half the school. The feeling of butterflies in your tummy and the stress of everyone asking you what you’re going to do in the fight. Also, the thoughts going through your mind like how you’re going to give him a right and then an upper-cut and then he’s out (but of course that never works). All those stupid feelings were going through my mind but, as soon as he saw the cops, he gave me back my MOOG. I’m hoping too never see him ever again. I feel so much better now but I feel weird at the same time. Its like I’m all grown up and using my head for once and not my Mexican macho crap that’s inside. Rob – 1 Bad Guys – 0. Oh yeah, I just added another enemy to my list. It just keeps growing and growing and growing. . .

Speaking of breaking the law. . . My good friends RED FANG from Portland, OR are back in town to ROCK US ALL NIGHT LONG (or at least they kick us out of the bar). RF rocks the way I like it: LOUD, LOOSE and LOUD! They’re coming through town on the way to SXSW in Austin, TX. I wish I can join them on that road trip but, they’ll have fun without me. HAHAHA!!! Anyway, they are playing this Friday, March 7th at Annie’s Social Club (the old Covered Wagon) on 5th & Folsom along with WALKEN (my bro’s), HIGHTOWER (SKATE METAL! I love these guys), Birthday Suits (from Minneapolis & Japan) and of course this is another great show brought to us by Alcholocaust Presents. So, come on out (21+), check out some great bands from out of town and some locals and make sure to KISS YOUR ASS GOODBYE! YEAH!!!

The following day I’ll be waking up late and drinking coffee in the afternoon for sure. Then, I’ll grab some lunch in The Haight and maybe see a few friends. After that, gotta get home and take a siesta before going to the wildest, craziest and funnest ROCK shows I’ll be attending at Thee Parkside this year. It’s another Wondertaker Records Showcase on Saturday, March 8th. If you don’t know this label well, I’ll give you the short version. The label is home to some of the BEST PUNK ROCKNROLL bands on this Earth. The band that’s headlining are the GRANNIES! It’s a bunch of dudes dressed like old ladies with wheelchairs, canes, walkers, guitars, sticks and nasty grandma drunk smell but, they can shake, move and ROCK like twenty year olds. Also on the bill are the ROCK Terrorists themselves, Midnight Bombers. Come dressed like the Zodiac or the Unabomber and get a prize package from the band. Then its COBRETTI! COBRETTI is straight up PRNR and the more they drink, the harder and rowdier they get. The band has ex-members of MOTORHOME (damn good band as well). Then opening up the show is Grace Alley. I have no idea who they are but, if they’re invited on this bill that means they ROCK as well. Be sure NOT to wear your nice clothes because you’ll be smothered in beer, man sweat and stink from the grannie panties. So come on out and remember, I WARNED YOU!

Since the past seven days of stress and the police I had to deal with, I will not have a GIGPOSTER artist on the radio once again. Next week for sure, I promise. In the mean time, check out the website under my links. Also under links, you can find my podcast websites, my Myspace profiles and other sites that are cool to check out. So please, don’t be a stranger to those links and tell them Naked Rob sent you. OK, thanks for everything you all do by sending music, forwarding my info to other labels, promoters, bands and your friends all over the world. To all of you going to SXSW, have fun, rock out, drink a few for me and eat some BAR-B-Q and the rest, thank you. CHEERS!

KSCU Loud Rock TOP 10


1 KINGDOM OF SORROW Kingdom Of Sorrow Relapse

(L)2 IRON LUNG Sexless//No Sex Prank

3 PAINT IT BLACK New Lexicon Jade Tree

(L)4 IMPALED Last Gasp Willowtip

(L)5 SAVIOURS Into Abaddon Kemado

6 SALT THE WOUND Carnal Repercussions Rotten

7 SWORN ENEMY Maniacal Century Media

8 ELECTRIC WIZARD Witchcult Today Candlelight

9 GRIEF OF WAR A Mounting Crisis... As Their Fury Got Released Prosthetic

(L)10 BRAIN DRILL Apocalyptic Feasting Metal Blade


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