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(poster art by Lil Tuffy, San Francisco)

So much is happening here in San Francisco. First off, the weather is nice. Winter came and left as fast as it got here. So many good bands of all types are playing in the The Bay Area. Plus, art shows are popping up all over the place as well. Its good times and I’m enjoying it.

My next interview with a GIGPOSTERS.COM
poster artists will be Lil Tuffy from San Francisco. Terrance "Lil Tuffy" Ryan is a designer and artist that has been screening posters since 2002. Lil Tuffy also dips his talents into photography as well. What I’ve seen from his photographs, he shoots hot chicks and that is all I need too see. He’s going to a busy guy in the next few weeks with Noise Pop and SXSW coming up. On his way to SXSW, he usually does a little tour along the way from Cali to Texas so watch out for him in your town. Tuffy has traveled the world with his art, has been published in books & magazines and has done tour poster series for bands. His posters are simple, a few colors but, they stand out and you know they belong to Tuffy. So, tune in at 6:30PM (PST) online at KSCU 103.3FM for the interview. If you missed the interview, I will have it on my podcast website shortly after. You can find Lil Tuffy online here. Thanks for your support.

Speaking of poster art. This Saturday, February 16th is the closing of OFF THE WALL on Haight Street. OFF THE WALL has been selling poster art, fine-art prints and frames on Haight Street for 23 years. They lost their lease and are moving the shop to another location in San Francisco. So, they are throwing a huge art show with the following artists attending and showing off their works: John Seabury, Gregg Gordon, the Firehouse, Paul Imagine, Wendy Wright, Chris Shaw, Dennis Loren, Lil Tuffy, John Howard, Mark Spusta, Matt Leunig, Dave D'Andrea, and others to be announced. Come on out to support, buy and say goodbye to some nice people.

DON’T FORGET! You can always catch my radio show or my interviews at the podcast links to the right of you. Put 'em in your iPhone or whatever gadget you may have these days. Also, my radio show streams online so catch me every Thursday at KSCU 103.3FM 4TO7PM(PST) for new Metal, Hardcore, Grind, Doom, Stoner, Rock, Punk, Garage, Noise Rock, Post-Everthing and whatever else I want. It's a new year everybody so, make sure to spread the word to all your friends in bands, record labels and anybody else to send music for possible radio airplay here in the San Francisco Bay Area. Have a cool weekend, and take care. CHEERS!

PLAYLIST – February 7, 2008

R-request / L-local
*(intro)Melvins / honey bucket / Houdini Live 2005

*Genghis Tron / board up the house / Board Up The House

(L)*Iron Lung / sexless corpses / Sexless//No Sex

(L)*Born/Dead / anamnesis / The Final Collapse

*Fight Amp / late bloomer / Hungry For Nothing

*Salt the Wound / gloves / Carnal Repercussions

(L)*Brain Drill / Apocalyptic Feasting / Apocalyptic Feasting

*Electric Wizard / dunwich / Witchcult Today

*Warbringer / total war / v/Thrashing Like A Maniac

*Reign Supreme / stand defiant / American Violence EP

*Sworn Enemy / a place of solace / Maniacal

*Grief of War / hatred burns / A Mounting Crisis. . . As their Fury Got Released

(L)*Saviours / mystichasm / Into Abaddon

*Agnostic Front / for my family / Warriors

*Arson Anthem / doomed morale / Arson Anthem

*mandatory MELVINS / we got worries here / The Making Love Demos

*Birds Of Prey / show him the ground (Iron & Wine) / Sulfer & Semen

*Disnihil / markings consistent with butchery / Disnihil

*Shipwreck a.d. / erebos / Abyss

*Severe Torture / buried hatchet / Sworn Vengeance

*Himsa / ruin them / Summon In Thunder

*Disfear / testament / Live the Storm

(L) *Impaled / right to die / The Last Gasp

*The Ocean / mesoarchaean / Precambrian

*Frightener / black rain / Guillotine

(L)*Devil's Son In Law / sermin / Devils Son In Law

*Pulling Teeth / black skies / Martyr Immortal

*Kingdom Of Sorrow / lead into demise / Kingdom of Sorrow


(L)*The Forgotten / 2nd class citizen / Veni Vidi Vici

*The Blind Shake / peach lines / Carmel

*Brutal Knights / are you experienced? / Living By Yourself

*DIE! DIE! DIE! / britomont sunset / Promises, Promises

*CoConut Coolouts / stick up! / Party Time Machine

*Pending Disappointment / this administration / New York Penn, NY

*Black Mountain / stormy high / In The Future

*Found Dead In Trunk / she’s a burd / Found dead In Trunk

*Broken Bottles / teenage dinosaur / Hospital

*The Ape-Shits / I come alive / La Pollution Culturelle

*Skullflower / can you feel it? / IIIRD Gatekeeper (re-issue)

*Polkadot Cadaver / deathwish / Purgatory Dance Party

*U.S.S.A. / summer endless summer / The Spoils

*The New Flesh / leather / Vessel


*Ron Donovan / Firehouse Kustom Rock Posters / San Francisco, CA

*Wire / 23 years late / Read & Burn 03

KSCU Loud Rock TOP 10 ending February 10th

1 SAVIOURS Into Abaddon Kemado
2 IMPALED Last Gasp Willowtip
3 ARSON ANTHEM Arson Anthem Housecore
4 SALT THE WOUND Carnal Repercussions Rotten
5 ELECTRIC WIZARD Witchcult Today Candlelight
6 DISFEAR Live The Storm Relapse
7 SHIPWRECK A.D. Abyss Deathwish
8 SEVERE TORTURE Sworn Vengeance Earache
9 BRAIN DRILL Apocalyptic Feasting Metal Blade
10 HIMSA Summon In Thunder Century Media

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