Tuesday, February 26, 2008


As I've written in the subject line, I will not be having my radio show this Thursday due to a work trip. I will be back though on March the 6th and with a new GIGPOSTER artists. So please, come back then. Since I'm gone this week, you can listen to last weeks show at http://thethrashattack.podomatic.com and http://nakedrob.podomatic.com.

I'm lucky enough to be back Friday afternoon for a ruthless showcase at Thee Parkside. The show is a Tankcrimes Records/Alcoholocaust Presents and the lineup includes: Impaled, Population Reduction, I Will Kill You Fucker, In Disgust and Thousands Will Die. It's an all ages show and I'm hoping to make it out alive at the end of the night. Most of the bands are from here except In Disgust. In Disgust comes out of the Cambridge/Toronto, Ontario area and are extremely just like their name. Its going to an awesome show so come on out and show your support.

Thanks everybody for all the music and support you have given to KSCU and me. Without you, this world for me would be my target for disruptive madness I can cause by being annoying. Have a great weekend, be cool and keep sending music for the airwaves here in the San Francisco Bay Area. CHEERS!

PLAYLIST – February 21, 2008

R-request / L-local

*(intro)Melvins / honey bucket / Houdini Live 2005


*(L) Exodus / riot act / The Atrocity Exhibition (Exhibit A)

*Hate Eternal / whom gods may destroy / Fury & Flames

*Genghis Tron / I won't come back alive / Board Up The House

*With Blood Comes Cleansing / Hematidrosis / Horror

*Arson Anthem / sri lankin medication / Arson Anthem

*The Ocean / neoarchaean / Precambrian

*Drain The Sky / image of a wall / Drain The Sky

*Frightener / violent graves / Guillotine

*Disfear / the furnace / Live the Storm

*Merciless Death / exumer / v/Thrashing Like A Maniac

(L)*Iron Lung / autojector / Sexless//No Sex

*Salt the Wound / we'll sleep until sunset / Carnal Repercussions

*Shipwreck a.d. / thaw / Abyss

*Disnihil / collaborator / Disnihil

*Sworn Enemy / weather the storm / Maniacal

*Paint it Black / missionary position / New Lexicon

*mandatory MELVINS / hog leg / Eggnog

*Electric Wizard / satanic rites of dracula / Witchcult Today

*Fight Amp / bound and hagged / Hungry For Nothing

*Grief of War / distrust / A Mounting Crisis. . . As their Fury Got Released

(L) *Impaled / G.O.R.E. / The Last Gasp

(L)*Saviours / into abaddon / Into Abaddon

(L)*Born/Dead / barricades / The Final Collapse

*Kingdom Of Sorrow / lead into demise / Kingdom of Sorrow

(L)*Brain Drill / the depths of darkness / Apocalyptic Feasting


(L)*Grannies / 666 shooter / Incontinence: Outtakes & Demos 1999-2008

*The Duke Spirit / the step and the walk / Neptune

*The Juke Joint Pimps / dust my broom / Boogie The House Down-Juke Joint Style

*Mama Rosin / johny can't dance / Tu as perdu ton chemin

*The Big Sleep / bad blood / Sleep Forever

*Touch My Rash / misery / Doomed From The Start

*The Ape-Shits / lazy three feel / La Pollution Culturelle

*Brutal Knights / 2025 / Living By Yourself

*CoConut Coolouts / coconut weekend / Party Time Machine

*DIE! DIE! DIE! / maybe: definitely / Promises, Promises

*Skullflower / vanadis / IIIRD Gatekeeper (re-issue)

*The New Flesh / white wash / Vessel

*Pending Disappointment / a Rorschach test of your point of view / New York Penn, NY

*The Blind Shake / been young / Carmel

KSCU TOP 10 Loud Rock ending Sunday, February 24th

1 KINGDOM OF SORROW Kingdom Of Sorrow Relapse
2 IRON LUNG Sexless//No Sex Prank
3 PAINT IT BLACK New Lexicon Jade Tree
4 IMPALED Last Gasp Willowtip
5 SAVIOURS Into Abaddon Kemado
6 SALT THE WOUND Carnal Repercussions Rotten
7 SWORN ENEMY Maniacal Century Media
8 ELECTRIC WIZARD Witchcult Today Candlelight
9 GRIEF OF WAR A Mounting Crisis... As Their Fury Got Released Prosthetic
10 BRAIN DRILL Apocalyptic Feasting Metal Blade
Rob Gongora
KSCU 103.3FM

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