Wednesday, October 31, 2007


HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! I'm going to chill tonight and pass out candy. Next year Halloween is on a Friday and that's what I'm waiting for. Nothing really going on over here for the weekend. I'm doing some fall cleaning in my pad, do some bike riding and hang with the my girl.
NO PODCAST of my show last week due to some maintenance work in the studio but, the recorder is back. I still have plenty of podcasts to go around. Just click on THE THRASH ATTACK and THE NAKED ROB SHOW for your iPod enjoyment. Also, the interviews I do are now at THE THRASH ATTACK INTERVIEWS and I'll have more going up in the near future. Also, you can listen to my radio show every Thursday at KSCU 103.3FM 4to7pm (PST). Check it out. . . I heard its pretty good.
Thanks everybody for sending me music for the station. I still have so much music to hear and I'm pretty much backed up but, It will get spun over the airwaves. Don't you worry your little head about it.

PLAYLIST – October 25, 2007

R-request / L-local

*(intro)Melvins / honey bucket / Houdini Live 2005


*Evile / enter the grave / Enter The Grave

*Bring Me The Horizon / they have no reflection / This Is What The Edge Of Your Seat Was Made For

*The Great Deceiver / running with scissors / The Great Deceiver

*Mendozza / otzi the wanderer / White Rhino

*Soul Control / focus / Involution

(L)*Black Cobra / below the cusp / Feather and Stone

*Lozen / unspeakable truths / Enemies Against Power

*Panthers / goblin city / The Trick

*Coliseum / interceptor / No Salvation

(L)*High On Fire / ethereal / Death Is This Communion

(L)*Red Handed / wounds remain / Wounds Remain

*A Second From The Surface / waterhead / The Streets Have Eyes

*Skeletonwitch / upon wings of blact / Beyond The Permafrost

(L)*Wooden Shjips / we ask you to ride / Wooden Shjips

*mandatory MELVINS / magic pig detective / Stoner Witch

*Municipal Waste / rigorous vengeance / The Art of Parting

*Watch Me Burn / rotten / At the Stake

*The Fucking Wrath / old man and the see / Season Of Evil

(L)*Arsonists Get all The Girls / so you think you know about the game of life (party in the rear) / The Game of Life

*Hatesphere / let them hate / Serpent Smiles and Killer Eyes

*Baroness / the birthing / Red Album

(L)*Om / unitive knowledge of the godhead / Pilgrimage

*Ministry / the dick song / The Last Sucker


*Les Savy Fav / raging in a plague age / Let's Stay Friends

*Dragons Of Zynth / breaker / Coronation Thieves

*Health / zoothorns / Health

*We Are Wolves / fight & kiss / Total Magique

*Turbo Fruits / murder / Turbo Fruits

*Tiger! Tiger! / cheap imitation / The Kind of Goodnight

(L)*Yikes / carol ann / Whoa Comas/Blood Bomb

*Clockcleaner / vomiting mirrors / Babylon Rules

*Mindflayer / netherworld bike patrol C.H.A.O.S. / Expedition to the Hairier Peaks

*Reverend Beat-Man / jesus christ twist / Surreal Folk Blues Gospel Trash Vol. 1

*The Busy Signals / plastic girl / The Busy Signals

*Killing California / black collar / Goin' South

*Hundreds and Thousands / the pros and cons / Hundreds and Thousands

*KMFDM / super power / Tohuvabohu

*Kinski / child had to catch a train / Down Below Its Chaos

*Cloak/Dagger / J.C. pays the bills / We Are. . .

*The Blind Shake / decathlon / Rizzograph

*Baby Guts / cringe / Gasoline

*The Deaf / pocket change / This Bunny Bites

*Heavy Trash / kissy baby / Going Way out With Heavy Trash

*No Age / dead plane / Weirdo Rippers

*Amplified Heat / through and through / How Do You Like The Sound Of That

KSCU TOP 10 Loud Rock ending October 28th
1 MENDOZZA White Rhino Self-Released
2 BLACK COBRA Feather And Stone At A Loss
3 RED HANDED Wounds Remain Rivalry
4 HIGH ON FIRE Death Is This Communion Relapse
5 SKELETONWITCH Beyond The Permafrost Prosthetic
6 EVILE Enter The Grave Earache
7 OM Pilgrimage Southern Lord
8 MINISTRY The Last Sucker Megaforce
9 GREAT DECEIVER Life Is Wasted On The Living Deathwish
10 WATCH ME BURN At The Stake Silvertooth

Rob G.
KSCU 103.3FM