Wednesday, October 24, 2007


IIIIIIIII'm back!!!! What's up everybody? My trip was fantastic. San Antonio and NYC turned out to be fun. San Antonio was very relaxing for me. I was sleeping 10 to 12 hours a day at my uncle's air conditioned house. I never get that much sleep anywhere but back home. I got to meet one of my all time heroes, Malcolm McDowell. He was on my flight going to NYC. I had to tell him how bad ass he is and to keep it up. He looks like he can kill you with one punch. I also got to meet alot of people I have never met in person. It was nice meeting all of you. I would like to also say thanks to my friends I stayed with in Queens. Thank you Julie and Tommy. Oh yeah, my friend Roland "The Nightrocker" Fuentes of San Antonio was with me throughout NYC. Coney Island and Brooklyn was cool. I ate some Nathan's hot dogs and I couldn't break the record. Maybe next time. I had some Polish food in Brooklyn. Mmmmm. . . Polish Pork Chops! In all, my trip was fun and to bad it was short. The only thing I wasn't use to was the humidity. One day I thought I wasn't going to stop sweating in NYC. Two hours of sweating is not a normal thing for me. Especially living here in San Francisco. I was glad to be back because of that. In all, vacation is good and I need another one. Now, off to music. . .
This coming Sunday and Monday at the Independent here in San Francisco is one of the best line-ups I've seen in a while. HIGH ON FIRE, PANTHERS, COLISEUM and MONO. I've interviewed Geoff of PANTHERS already and can't wait to finally see them live. I keep missing them and finally I have them in the palm of my hands. Newly Relapse Recording artists COLISEUM will be supporting the show. COLISEUM is going to come out blazing on stage. Get there early! Then of course our own Bay Area Metal Gods, HIGH ON FIRE will be headlining and playing new songs off the new album. Make sure to take your earplugs and some bandages because its going to be bloody loud. If your going, let me know so we can get some drinks. See you there!
If you missed any of my radio shows in the past few weeks, I have them podcast'd here:
THE THRASH ATTACK and THE NAKED ROB SHOW Hear them wherever you have the internet. Or, just listen in every THURSDAY 4TO7PM(PST) on the internet at KSCU 103.3FM Use iTunes, its much better. Also, I have a new site for all my interviews live on the radio airwaves and elsewhere. Check it out here:
THE THRASH ATTACK INTERVIEWS I'll have more on there soon.
Thanks everybody for sending me music for the station. I have so much music and I'm pretty much backed up but, It will get spun over the airwaves. Don't you worry your little head about it. Once again, thanks to Julie, Tommy for letting me crash in Queens. Everyone I met and the Nightrocker for putting up with me and my sweaty ass. Have a nice weekend and take care. CHEERS!

PLAYLIST – October 4, 2007

R-request / L-local

*(intro)Melvins / honey bucket / Houdini Live 2005


*Mendozza / otzi the wanderer / White Rhino

*Black Cobra / below the cusp / Feather and Stone

*Belay My Last / an inconvenience (to a whore) / The Downfall

*The Great Deceiver / running with scissors / The Great Deceiver

*Skeletonwitch / beyond the permafrost / Beyond The Permafrost

*The Black Dahlia Murder / what a horrible night to have a curse / Nocturnal

*Revolting Breed / enemy / Rise Against

(L)*Om / bhima's theme - act II/ Pilgrimage

*Baroness / o'appalachia / Red Album

*Through The Eyes Of the Dead / as good as dead / Malice

*Municipal Waste / beer pressure / The Art of Parting

(L)*High On Fire / cyclopian scape / Death Is This Communion

*Assert / popular uprising / Riotous Assembly

*Watch Me Burn / (((Ding))) / At the Stake

*mandatory MELVINS / a history of bad men / A Senile Animal

*Turbonegro / we're gonna drop the atom bomb / Retox

*Coliseum / white religion / No Salvation

*Ministry / life is good / The Last Sucker

(L)*Allegiance / out of my blood / Desperation

*Hatesphere / feeding the demons / Serpent Smiles and Killer Eyes

*The Fucking Wrath / past your grave / Season Of Evil

(L)*Arsonists Get all The Girls / Taiwanese troft trouble / The Game of Life

*The Red Chord / bird bath / Prey For Eyes


(L)*Yikes / carol ann / Whoa Comas/Blood Bomb

*Clockcleaner / vomiting mirrors / Babylon Rules

*John Schooley and His One Man Band / every day can get you down / One Man Against The World

*Joe Shithead Keithly / rebel kind / Band of Rebels

*Killing California / dagger practice / Goin' South

*Japanther / $100 cover / Skuffed Up My Huffy

*Tiger! Tiger! / cheap imitation / The Kind of Goodnight

*Hundreds and Thousands / the pros and cons / Hundreds and Thousands

*Karling Abbeygate / beg steal & borrow / Karling Abbeygate

*The Liars / freak out / Liars

*The Blind Shake / painting room / Rizzograph

*Cloak/Dagger / runways / We Are. . .

*The Turbo A.C.'s / you know nothing / Live To Win. . .

*The Deaf / ready to die / This Bunny Bites

*Kinski / crybaby blowout / Down Below Its Chaos

(R)*Radio Moscow / mistreating queen / Radio Moscow

*Amplified Heat / she drank that wine / How Do You Like The Sound Of That

*No Age / loosen this job / Weirdo Rippers

*Heavy Trash / that ain't right / Going Way out With Heavy Trash

*Supersuckers / roadworn and weary / Must've Been Live

*Neco Case / hold , hold on / Fox Confessor Brings the Flood

*Nick Cave / where the Wild roses Grow / Murder Ballads

*The Effigies / the guv'ner / Reside

*Butthole Surfers / one hundred million people dead / Humpty Dumpty LSD

Rob G.
KSCU 103.3FM