Wednesday, August 22, 2007


I think the apocalypse is coming soon to a theater near you and I. Hurricanes, floods, heat, war and no girlfriend (ooops, that's my apocalypse). Anyway, if the end is near, I'm all for it. Fuck it, I've had my fun. I'd rather go now so I can laugh at all the religions, rich folks and people that didn't give a crap in the first place about this planet. DEATH TO HUMANS!! HAHAHA!! Speaking of you humans. One of my favorite new bands has this in one of their songs, "They will erase the human race. Time to kiss your ass goodbye!" My sentiments exactly. The band is RED FANG out of Portland, Oregon. These guys know the meaning of ending the human race with ROCKNROLL. Wantage USA calls them "a crusty Bad Wizard. Also on the bill is the headliners and the band that will skate to the last second of the apocalypse, HIGHTOWER(Skate Metal from SF) and Orb Of Confusion (SF) at THEE PARKSIDE this Friday the 24th. Come out and enjoy the apocalypse with us.
On Saturday, the 25th THEE PARKSIDE is hosting a 40th bash. I'm talking about SLICK BASH #40! For number 40, Slick Rick is doing ROCKABILLY! Thee Parkside Jamboree will include CALAVERA, THE HELLBILLYS, THE MUTILATORS and STELLAR CORPSES. So, get the Hot Rods, motor bikes, your chicks nice dress and your steel toe boots in gear for SLICK BASH #40! Remember, if you came to the show with a date and left without her, she's with me (or someone else). WOOOHOOO!!!

Listen to my radio show online at KSCU 103.3FM every Thursday 4TO7PM (PST). Just click on "LISTEN" and your in business. Use iTunes, Its much better. If you've missed any of my radio shows or interviews with Geoff of PANTHERS, Dale from the MELVINS or Rafa of BLACK COBRAS, don't worry. I podcast my radio show just about every week. I split them up in two. One is for heavy stuff and the other one is for everything else. Here's the links: THE THRASH ATTACK and THE NAKED ROB SHOW Listen to them both!
I’ll be attending CMJ this coming October in NYC. I’ll be arriving Tuesday, October 16th and leaving Sunday, the 21st. So if you’re going, I want to hook up with you all and have some drinks, enjoy some music and meet your girlfriends friends. HAHAHA! Thanks everybody for sending me music for the station. Have a good weekend and enjoy the last weeks of summer. I need to get my ass in gear and head to a river up North. Take care. CHEERS!

PLAYLIST – August 16, 2007

R-request / L-local

*(intro)Melvins / honey bucket / Houdini Live 2005


*Fueled By Fire / spread the fire!!! / Spread The Fire

*The Crinn / tearing through synoptic skies / The Crinn

*Throwdown / Americana / Venom & Tears

*Arsonists Get All The Girls / mantipede / The Game of Life

*Through The Eyes Of the Dead / failure in the flesh / Malice

*Blutch / cut a hand / Materia

*Allegiance / the desperation / Desperation

*Titan / hashishin ohel / A Raining Sun of Light and Love, For You and You and You. . .

*Yakuza / Steal the Fire / Transmutations

*Sons of Azrael / sweet blasphemy / The Conjuration of Vengeance

*The Red Chord / dread prevailed / Prey For Eyes

*The Absence / into the pit / Riders Of The Plague

*Turbonegro / hell toupee / Retox

*Akimbo / the curse of king david / Navigating The Bronze

*mandatory MELVINS / set me straight / Mangled Demos From 1983

*Red Fang / prehistoric dog / Red Fang

*Torche / warship / In Return

*Devildriver / clouds over California / The Last Kind Words

*Ion Dissonance / the surge / Minus The Head

*Nodes of Ranvier / purpose in pain / Defined By Struggle

*Dance Hall Massacre / murders come with smiles / Feast of the Blood Monsters

*Napalm Death / take the poison / Punishment In Capitals: LIVE!

*Dimmu Borgir / sacrilegious scorn / In Sorte Diablo

*Engineer / the thinning cynic / The Dregs

*Nile / the essential salts / Ithyphallic

*Entombed / ministry / Serpent Saints

*Mondo Generator / I never sleep / Dead Planet

*108 / (il) logical end / A New Beat From A Dead Heart

*The Warriors / life grows cold / Genuine Sense of Outrage

(L)*Dekapitator / The Storm Before The Calm / The Storm Before The Calm

(L)*Neurosis / distill 9watching the swarm) / Given To The Rising



KSCU Loud Rock Top 10 ending August 19th

1 AKIMBO Navigating The Bronze Alternative Tentacles
2 108 A New Beat From A Dead Heart Deathwish
3 BLUTCH Materia At A Loss
4 TITAN A Raining Sun Of Light And Love, For You And You And You Tee Pee
5 NAPALM DEATH Punishment In Capitals Eagle Rock
6 DEKAPITATOR The Storm Before The Calm Relapse
7 ENGINEER The Dregs Metal Blade
8 DEVILDRIVER The Last Kind Words Roadrunner
9 MONDO GENERATOR Dead Planet Suburban Noize
10 RED CHORD Prey For Eyes Metal Blade

Rob G.