Wednesday, August 15, 2007



I've been living in San Francisco since April of this year and its been great. I've already been to a few dozen shows, eatin' all kinds of foods, hungout all over the city but, I have not been to a poster rock show. Until now. . . My buddy Justin McNeal is putting on the "Burn My Eyes Rock Poster Show" at 12 Galaxies in the Mission District. The artists list includes:

-Paul Imagine (Sacramento)
-Billy Perkins (Austin, TX)
-Alan Forbes (San Francisco)
-Chris Shaw (Oakland)
-Ron Donovan and Chuck Sperry from The Firehouse ( San Francisco)
-Lil Tuffy (San Francisco)
-Scott Johnson (San Francisco)
-Alan Hynes (San Francisco)
-Richie Goodtimes (San Francisco)
-John Seabury (Berkeley)
-John Howard (Berkeley)
-Steve Walters from Screwball Press ( Chicago)

Also, these bands will be performing:

- Cheetah Speed
- Ride The Blinds
- Eric Mcfadden and special guests
- Lady Dottie and the Diamonds (from San Diego featuring members of Earthless)
- Get Dead
- Scott Young (from Red Meat)

Come on down to check out and buy some bad ass poster art, chat with the artists (don't be shy) and enjoy some live music for FREE until 8PM. I'm telling you, this is thee biggest rock poster art show of the year in San Francisco. Hope to see you there.

On Friday, August 17th I'm going to check out DETROIT COBRAS and WILLOWZ over at Slim's. Both bands have chicks in the line-up and if you know me, I love rocker babes. Then right after that, I'm running to THEE PARKSIDE for another Dano Distortion show. This time, he's bringing the likes of: Midnight Bombers (SF),Homeless Sexuals(SD) and Taint(Oakland). These bands are going to ruin your night and the following day but, in a good way. Someone will leave getting laid and not know it in the morning. If you feel lucky, Punk! Get yer ass to the show.

Listen to my show online at KSCU 103.3FM every Thursday 4TO7PM (PST). Just click on LISTEN and your in business. Use iTunes, Its much better. If you've missed any of my radio shows or interviews with Geoff of PANTHERS, Dale from the MELVINS or Rafa of BLACK COBRAS, don't worry. I podcast my radio show just about every week. I split them up in two. One is for heavy stuff and the other one is for everything else. Here's the links: THE THRASH ATTACK and THE NAKED ROB SHOW Listen to them both!
I’ll be attending CMJ this coming October in NYC. I’ll be arriving Tuesday, October 16th and leaving Sunday, the 21st. So if you’re going, I want to hook up with all you and have some drinks, enjoy some music and meet your girlfriends friends. HAHAHA! Thanks everybody for sending me music for the station. Have a good weekend and enjoy the last three weeks of summer. Hear from you soon. CHEERS!

PLAYLIST - August 9, 2007

R-request / L-local


*(intro)Melvins / honey bucket / Houdini Live 2005

*Torche / in return / In Return

*Through the Eyes of the Dead / failure in the flesh / Malice

*Coalesce / whole lotta love (Led Zepplin) / There is Nothing New Under the Sun +

*Akimbo / wizard van wizard / Navigating The Bronze

*Red Fang / prehistoric dog / Red Fang

*Mondo Generator / basket case / Dead Planet

*108 / three hundred liars / A New Beat From A Dead Heart

*Instant Asshole / 7th Heaven / Straight Edge Failure

*Nile / laying fire upon apep / Ithyphallic

*Napalm Death / lucid fairytale / Punishment In Capitals: LIVE!

*The Destro / rivers bottom / As The Coil Unwinds

*The Minor Times / fire spitter / Summer Of Wolves

*Entombed / thy kingdom coma / Serpent Saints

*Darkest Hour / an ethernal drain / Deliver Us

*Job For A Cowboy / bearing the serpents lamb / Genesis

*Totalitar / en av dom som dom skamtar om / Vi Ar Eliten

*mandatory MELVINS / pink bat / Pigs of the Roman Empire

(L)*Neurosis / hidden faces / Given To The Rising

*Pelican / bliss in concrete / City of Echoes

*The Warriors / Genuine Sense of Outrage / Genuine Sense of Outrage

*The Dead See / ECT / Through The Veil

*The Fire the Flood / turmoil at the gates of heaven / A Downfall of Western Culture

*The Hidden Hand / dark horizons / The Resurrection of Whiskey Foote

*Engineer / greenhorn / The Dregs

(L)*Dekapitator / screams from the holocuast / Before The Calm


*Turbonegro / hell toupee / Retox

*The Effigies / night train / Reside

*John Schooly and His One Man Band / Cantrell creek breakdown / One Man Against The World

*Bob Burns and the Breakups / real live girl / Terminal Breakdown

*The Peelers / dig me / Let's Detonate

*Bad Brains / Build A Nation / Build A Nation

*Antiseen / guns ablazin / The Boys From Brutalsville (re-release)

*The Unseen / right before your eyes / Internal Salvation

*Evil Twin / those are people who died (Jim Carroll) / Radio Salvation

*The Clutters / on repeat / Don't Believe A Word

*The Heavy Hearts / hope / The Heavy Hearts

*The Phenoms / part of the deal / Home Brain Surgery Kit

*The Eat / nut cop / It's Not The eat, It's The Humidity

*The Six String Jets / shake joint is closed / Split 7" w/The Angel Sluts (Wrecked "Em Wreckords)

*D.O.A. / the prisoner / Punk Rock Singles 1978-99

*Radio Moscow / luckydutch / Radio Moscow

*The Angel Sluts / no lip / Split 7" w/The Angel Sluts (Wrecked "Em Wreckords)

*The Young Gods / about time / Super Ready/Fragmente

*Epsilons / teeny boppers / Killed 'Em Deader 'N A Six Card Poker Hand

*Silver Daggers / New High & Ord / New High & Ord

(L)*The Death Of A Party / emerald crowns / The Rise & Fall Of Scarlet City

*27 / closer to you / Holding On For Brighter Days

*Butthole Surfers / one hundred million people dead / Humpty Dumpty LSD

KSCU Loud Rock for CMJ ending August 12th
1 NEUROSIS Given To The Rising Neurot
2 AKIMBO Navigating The Bronze Alternative Tentacles
3 ENTOMBED Serpent Saints Candlelight
5 108 A New Beat From A Dead Heart Deathwish
6 DEKAPITATOR The Storm Before The Calm Relapse
7 ENGINEER The Dregs Metal Blade
8 TOTALITAR Vi Ar Eliten
9 MONDO GENERATOR Dead Planet Suburban Noize
10 MINOR TIMES Summer Of Wolves Prosthetic

Rob G.
KSCU 103.3FM