Wednesday, August 8, 2007


Hey Hey! Hope your summer is going well. Mine is pretty good and busy. The radio show is great. San Francisco and the weather are great. Nothing but in the 60's here. Sorry to hear about the South and the Eastcoast getting record high temps. Ouch! Anyway, let me move on.

This Friday will be one epic show at THEE PARKSIDE here in the city. REAGAN YOUTH from NYC will be doing an early show (3PM) along with Mouth Sewn Shut, Doomsday Hour, Instant Asshole and Follow Blindly. It?s a John the Baker & Alcoholocaust Presents so you know its going to be good. Its $10 and all ages. That?s cheap! I work two blocks from the Parkside and get off at three so I won?t miss a thing.

The following day, MENDOZZA will be ripping up some METAL Canadian style for us crazy Americans! The band hails from Vancouver and will be having a CD release party as well at The Uptown Bar in Oak-town. Also on the bill is Saros and Scarecrow! So come out to Oakland, get your METAL on and have a few drinks with our friends to the North.

Last week on my radio show I had Rafa from BLACK COBRA on for a short interview. The guys are on tour so check them out and see if they?re coming to your town. They make a lot of good noise for two guys.

Listen to my show online at KSCU 103.3FM every Thursday 4TO7PM (PST). Just click on LISTEN and your in business. If you've missed any of my radio shows or interviews with Geoff of PANTHERS, Dale from the MELVINS or Rafa of BLACK COBRAS, don't worry. I podcast my radio show just about every week. I split them up in two. One is for heavy stuff and the other one is for everything else. Here's the links: THE THRASH ATTACK and THE NAKED ROB SHOW Listen to them both!
I?ll be attending CMJ this coming October in NYC. I?ll be arriving Tuesday, October 16th and leaving Sunday, the 21st. So if you?re going, I want to hook up with all you and have some drinks, enjoy some music and meet your chick friends. HAHAHA! Thanks everybody for sending me music for the station. Have a good weekend and please find a place nice and cool to beat the heat. Hear from you soon. CHEERS!

PLAYLIST ? August 2, 2007

R-request / L-local


*(intro)Melvins / honey bucket / Houdini Live 2005

*Akimbo / you can hear the honey / Navigating The Bronze

*The Red Chord / dread prevailed / Prey For Eyes

***INTERVIEW w/Rafa of Black Cobra***

(L)*Black Cobra / one nine / Bestial

*The Absence / into the pit / Riders Of The Plague

*Blutch / cut a hand / Materia

*Titan / hashishin ohel / A Raining Sun of Light and Love, For You and You and You. . .

*Allegiance / the desperation / Desperation

*Yakuza / ??? / Transmutations

*Sons of Azrael / sweet blasphemy / The Conjuration of Vengeance

*The Warriors / destroying cenodoxus / Genuine Sense of Outrage

*Dimmu Borgir / the serpentine offering / In Sorte Diablo

*Ion Dissonance / you shouldn't be alive / Minus The Head

*mandatory MELVINS / grinding process / 26 Songs

*Napalm Death / scum / Punishment In Capitals: LIVE!

*Nile / papyrus. . . / Ithyphallic

*The Minor Times / this is the life you've made for yourself / Summer Of Wolves

*Devildriver / not all who wander are lost / The Last Kind Words

*Entombed / serpent saints / Serpent Saints

*108 / guilt / A New Beat From A Dead Heart

(L)*Dekapitator / earthscorcher / Before The Calm

*The Dead See / beyond the lake of sleep / Through The Veil

*The Hidden Hand / someday soon / The Resurrection of Whiskey Foote

*Dance Hall Massacre / wet between the thighs / Feast of the Blood Monsters

*Totalitar / fienden / Vi Ar Eliten

(L)*Neurosis / to the wind / Given To The Rising


*Amplified Heat / rambler / How Do You Like The sound Of That

*The Heavy Hearts / leeches / The Heavy Hearts

*Campground / luxury buy-out / Pastor Pasture

*Toys That kill / all I care about is me, my rum and you (Tiltwheel) / Seven Inch (Razorcake)

*The Clutters / fire / Don't Believe A Word

*The Peelers / pleasure line / Let's Detonate

*Haunted George / the hangman / Pile O' Meat

*Radio Moscow / frustrating sound / Radio Moscow

*The Eat / communist radio / It's Not The eat, It's The Humidity

*Evil Twin / 66 miles to Graceland / Radio Salvation

*The Unseen / such tragedy / Internal Salvation

*D.O.A. / royal police / Punk Rock Singles 1978-99

*Antiseen / sabu / The Boys From Brutalsville (re-release)

*Bug Nasties / mystery box / Which Way Ya Gonna Go?

(L)*Triclops / salton / Cafeteria Brutalia

*Hot Cross / exits and trails / Risk Revival

*Stinking Lizaveta / gravitas / Scream of the Iron Iconoclast

*Epsilons / cecilia / Killed 'Em Deader 'N A Six Card Poker Hand

*The Young Gods / about time / Super Ready/Fragmente

(L)*The Death Of A Party / the fox & the hound / The Rise & Fall Of Scarlet City

*27 / closer to you / Holding On For Brighter Days

KSCU Loud Rock for CMJ ending August 5th

1 NEUROSIS Given To The Rising Neurot
2 ENTOMBED Serpent Saints Candlelight
3 ION DISSONANCE Minus The Herd Abacus
4 DEVILDRIVER The Last Kind Words Roadrunner
5 NILE Ithyphallic Nuclear Blast
6 DEKAPITATOR The Storm Before The Calm Relapse
7 ENGINEER The Dregs Metal Blade
8 TOTALITAR Vi Ar Eliten
9 WARRIORS Genuine Sense Of Outrage Victory
10 MINOR TIMES Summer Of Wolves Prosthetic
Rob G.