Wednesday, July 18, 2007


This weekend, you can say it'll be historic for all of us living here in San Francisco and the surrounding area. Some top notch bands will be performing this Friday and Saturday and I know a lot of you wish to be here for it. I'm talking about the MELVINS (performing Houdini/Eggnog & Lysol in its entirety), POISON IDEA and ANTISEEN. These three bands as we know it have shaped the way we listen & perform music today.

The MELVINS of course changed many of our lives (especially mine) and have inspired so many bands to play or just to be obsessed with them. Being around for way over 20 years, The MELVINS will perform these albums in its entirety and some songs haven't been heard live or played in years. Doing the three albums in its entirety will take some of us back to the days of finding out what music meant to us and how we still appreciate it now. Both shows are sold out but, still show up and hang out. Who knows? Maybe you could get in. Note: Dale from the MELVINS may call in my radio show so listen for it. Who knows what he'll say and you may miss out on it.

The Kings of Punk, POISON IDEA from Portland, OR is a band that you either hate ’em or love ‘em. They started waaay back in 1980 and disbanded in 1993. Also with the departure of Pig Champion, no one thought they would ever come back. Now, they are back with a new release coming out soon on TKO Records and playing the same night of the MELVINS “Houdini” show. That means right after Melvins, I'm riding my bike five minutes away to Thee Parkside and catch a glimpse of the Kings of Punk.

The following day, the Hillbilly, Redneck, Wrestling Punkers, ANTISEEN will enter the ring at Thee Parkside for a night of washboards, blood, wrestling and some damn good PUNK! ANTISEEN comes from the dark woods of South Carolina. They have been around for over 20 years. They have recorded with the likes of notorious madman GG Allin and legendary Alice Cooper guitarist Michael Bruce. So, I'm going to do the same thing right after the MELVINS show and that's haul ass to Thee 'Darkside.

OH! I also interviewed Geoff, the bass player for the PANTHERS last week. They are going on a huge U.S. Tour with Coliseum, Mono (Japan) and from Oakland, HIGH ON FIRE! Check out the interview here:

PANTHERS INTERVIEW. Check it out, download it, stick it in iPod or do whatever you want with it but, just listen to it.

Thanks everybody for sending music to the station. Its so much appreciated! This year so far has probably been the best year for releases and tours. PLEASE DON'T STOP! Keep 'em coming and spread the word. Don't keep this to yourself. Spread the gospel on what I'm doing here and you may go to the good place when you die. HAHAHAHA!!

Don't forget, my radio show streams online at KSCU 103.3FM every Thursday 4TO7PM (PST). If you miss my radio show, don't worry your little heads off, I podcast my radio show here: THE THRASH ATTACK and THE NAKED ROB SHOW. oh yeah, I'll be at CMJ this coming October in NYC. Let's hook up! Have a great weekend, take care and be cool. CHEERS!

PLAYLIST - JULY 12, 2007

R-request / L-local

*(intro)Melvins / honey bucket / Houdini Live 2005

*Dekapitator / run with the pack / Before The Calm

*Dance Hall Massacre / you bring the bitches, I'll bring the dynamite / Feast of the Blood Monsters

*Engineer / tremors / The Dregs


Geoff from PANTHERS

*Panthers / goblin city / The Trick

*The Fire the Flood / A Downfall of Western Culture

*Mondo Generator / sam hall / Dead Planet

*Nile / as he creates so he destroys / Ithyphallic

*Spazz / satans/ scrilla, social battle royale, short songs / Sweatin' 3: Skatan' Satan & Katon

*Pig Destroyer / deathtripper / Phantom Limb

*Job For A Cowboy / coalescing prophecy / Genesis

*Pelican / dead between the walls / City of Echoes

*mandatory MELVINS / june bug / Stoner Witch

(L)*Black Cobra / kay dur twenty / Bestial

*Totalitar / Du Har Sa Kalla Hander / Vi Ar Eliten

*The Dead See / kingdom of shit / Through The Veil

*108 / martyr complex / A new Beat From A Dead Heart

*Darkest Hour / doomsayer / Deliver Us

*The Destro / structures collapse / As The Coil Unwinds

*The Minor Times / amazing grace / Summer Of Wolves

*The Hidden Hand / lightning hill / The Resurrection of Whiskey Foote

(L)*Neurosis / given to the risen / Given To The Rising

*Damnation A.D. / knot / In this Life Or The Next

*Midnite Snake / Bigfoot '69 / Shaving The Angel


*Radio Moscow / mistreating queen / Radio Moscow

*The Heavy Hearts / spit when you say my name / The Heavy Hearts

*The Eat / M80 ant death / It's Not The eat, It's The Humidity

*Bob Burns and the Breakups / rip it up / Terminal Breakdown

*Golden Boys / Yankee dollar / Whiskey Flower

*Haunted George / song for world peace / Pile O' Meat

(L)*Flexx Bronco / dead man / Volume 1

*Black Diamond Heavies / signs / Every Damn Time

*Antiseen / talk show trash / The Boys From Brutalsville (re-release)

*The Radishes / good machine / Good Machine

*The Phenoms / unfettered and bettered / Home Brain Surgery Kit

*The Peelers / wanted / Let's Detonate

*Epsilons / seaview, Wilson? Yield! / Killed 'Em Deader 'N A Six Card Poker Hand

*Silver Daggers / untamed / New High & Ord

(L)*xBxRx / sheets and Organs / Wars

(L)*The Death Of A Party / coronation under scarlet seas / The Rise & Fall Of Scarlet City

*The Willowz / siren song / Chautauqua

*27 / brighter days / Holding On For Brighter Days

*Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds / easy money (The Lyre of Orpheus / Abattior Blues

*Zodiacs / get off/come together / Gone

KSCU TOP 10 Loud Rock ending Sunday, July 15th

1 NEUROSIS Given To The Rising Neurot
3 TOTALITAR Vi Ar Eliten
5 108 A New Beat From A Dead Heart Deathwish
7 DARKEST HOUR Deliver Us Victory
8 MINOR TIMES Summer Of Wolves Prosthetic
9 HIDDEN HAND The Resurrection Of Whiskey Foot Southern Lord
10 MIDNITE SNAKE Shaving The Angel Birdman
Rob G.