Thursday, June 7, 2007


WOW! Its freakin warm in San Francisco if you can believe that. I was actually sweating from work to the bus stop three blocks away. DAMN! I'm drinking a cold one right now and going to wear shorts from now on. I can even leave my window open and not freeze. I'll be at the beach during the day on Saturday and then Saturday night is going to ROCK! This Saturday night in San Francisco is PARKERZALOOZA IV. On this years bill we have EARTHLESS, HANK IV, ENABLERS and THE PORCH HONKIES (three fourths of ZEN GUERILLA) and more. What a freakin line-up! So clear your Saturday night and come on down to 12 Galaxies in the Mission District and see some great ROCKNROLL! Be there!
Don't forget, my radio show streams online at every Thursday 4TO7PM (PST). If you miss my radio show, don't worry your little heads off, I podcast my radio show here: and Check out both of them! Thanks for everything you all do for the station, for me and the world. Keep sending me music and tell all your friends in bands, labels, promoters and even booking agents to look me up. Oh yeah, to give you the heads up, I'll be at CMJ this coming October in NYC. Let's hook up! Have a great weekend, go outside, take care and be cool. CHEERS!

PLAYLIST – June 7 , 2007

R-request / L-local


*(intro)Melvins / honey bucket / Houdini Live 2005

*Damnation A.D. / don’t feel a thing / In this Life Or The Next

*Totalitar / Overtid, Overflod Mot For Tigid Du / Vi Ar Eliten

*Job For A Cowboy / Bearing The Serpent's Lamb / Genesis

(L)*Mausolea / SOS / Peasantry

*The Destro / rivers bottom / As The Coil Unwinds

*Red Fang / night destroyer / Red Fang

(L)*Second Opinion / 650 / Youth Revolt

*Panthers / goblin city / The Trick

*The Chariot / they drew their swords / The Fiancée

*Autonym / home / Shall We Skip To Excessive Celebration

(L)*Drain The Sky / image of a wall / Drain The Sky

*Clutch / opossum minister / From Beale Street To Oblivion

*Unholy / where eagles dare / Blood Of The Medusa

*Cephalic Carnage / molting / Xenosapien

*A Perfect Murder / rapture / War Of Aggression

*Vomitory / heresy / Terrorize Brutalize Sodomize

*mandatory MELVINS / hag me / Houdini Live 2005

(R)*All Out War / beyond redemption / Assassins In The House Of God

(L)*Black Cobra / el equis / Bestial

*Midnite Snake / shaving the angel / Shaving The Angel

*Pig Destroyer / heathen temple / Phantom Limb

*The Narrows / the sasquatch / Benjamin


*Antiseen / sabu / The Boys From Brutalsville (re-release)

*The Phenoms / cross section / Home Brain Surgery Kit

*The Peelers / android girl / Let’s Detonate

*The Young Gods / c’est quoi c’est ca / Super Ready/FragmentĂ©

*27 / a million years / Holding On For Brighter Days

(L)*The Death Of A Party / one trick pony girl / The Rise & Fall Of Scarlet City

*Silver Daggers / new high & ord / New High & Ord

*Call Me Lightning / meet the skeletons / Soft Skeletons

(L)*xBxRx / center where sight / Wars

*The Pope / battledore and shuttlecock / Sports

*Skulltime / sexy fancy / Skulltime

*Cheeseburger / cocaine / Cheeseburger

(L)*Flexx Bronco / scratch me / Volume 1

(L)*The Radishes / hook me up / Good Machine

(L)*Peligro Social / 20 anos / No Religion

(L)*Cobretti / killin me / Violation Guaranteed

*A.D.H.D. / sack breath baby / Hot Ticket

*Space Cretins / luv transmission / Rocket roll

*The Touchers / February 22nd 1975 / The Underwater Fascist

*Supersuckers / born with a tail / Sacrilicious

*Zeke / the hammer / ‘Til The Livin’ End

*Grinderman / depth charge ethel / Grinderman

*Apse / legions / Spirit

KSCU Loud Rock for CMJ ending June 10th

1 SECOND OPINION Youth Revolt Tankcrimes
2 PANTHERS The Trick Vice
3 PIG DESTROYER Phantom Limb Relapse
4 MIDNITE SNAKE Shaving The Angel Birdman
5 CEPHALIC CARNAGE Xenosapien Relapse
6 A PERFECT MURDER War Of Aggression Victory
7 VOMITORY Terrorize Brutalize Sodomize Metal Blade
8 BLACK COBRA Bestial At A Loss Recordings
9 UNHOLY Blood Of The Medusa Lambgoat
10 DRAIN THE SKY Drain The Sky Life Is Abuse

Rob G.
KSCU 103.3FM