Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Turkey Day is over and we all had our fill of it. I still have one more plate to go and then that's it till next year. I sat around my house like a junkie all weekend and ate turkey, watched movies, drank beer and that's it! I didn't go out until I had to leave for work this past Monday. Mmmmm. . . doing nothing. It felt so good. Now, its time too get my ass up and check out a show this Sunday, December 2nd at Slim's here in San Francisco. MUNICIPAL WASTE is in town with Suicidal Tendencies. No disrespect but, I could care less for ST. All I want to do is see MUNICIPAL WASTE tear up San Francisco. I'm hoping to get an interview with the band so keep your fingers crossed for me. Thanks.

The cool people at Harper-Collins hooked up the station with a new book release. Remember a band called Guns 'N' Roses from some years back? Yeah, that band! Well, remember the guitarist for the band? YES! SLASH! Slash has a new book out on his life and what I've read and seen so far, its freakin cool. Just about 460 pages of his life told by him (of course with help from a writer) and crap loads of pictures. I do like one quote from him, "we did amazing things every single night that were godlike". WOW! Imagine being in his shoes for a night or two on tour. Amazing. Anyway, I'll be giving a book away every Thursday on my show so be listening in to win one for Christmas or whatever. If you don't one, don't worry your little brain. You can buy it anywhere books are sold and check out what some people call "A ROCK GOD".
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Do you know what a RSS feed is? Well, my Texas dumb ass didn't until a while ago. You can add my profiles on yours so you can get updates on my playlists, blogs or whatever else I may put up. Just add me and don't worry about. Add it to your Yahoo because their new beta format is killer. Here's the addresses you need:

You can listen to my radio show every Thursday 4TO7PM (PST) at KSCU 103.3FM Use iTunes to listen, its much better. If you missed my radio show, I podcast every week. Check 'em out here:

Thanks everybody for your support. 2007 has been a great year and 2008 is right around the corner. I think next year will be just as good. Have a great weekend, keep sending me music and try to listen in to win a SLASH book. Take care and be cool. CHEERS!


R-request / L-local

*(intro)Melvins / honey bucket / Houdini Live 2005


*Slayer / angel of death / The Unholy Alliance: Chapter II Preaching To The Perverted

*Frightener / depress / Guillotine

*Defeatist / Maruta / In Praise Of False Hope 7"

*Khann / cleanse / Tofutopia

*Nights Like These / samsara / Sunlight At Secondhand

*Disnihil / parasites / Disnihil

*Arise and Ruin / the final dawn / The Final Dawn

*Dillinger Escape Plan / fix your face / Ire Works

*Monster Magnet / 4 way Diablo / 4 Way Diablo

*Squalora / villains desire / Squalora

*Blood Red Throne / rebirth in blood / Come Death

*The Tony Danza Tap Dance Extravaganza / I don't mean to impose, but I am the ocean / Danza II: The Electric Boogaloo

*Today Is The Day / the worst thing that ever happened to me / Axis Of Eden

*Watch Me Burn / el toro rojo / At the Stake

(L)*Black Cobra / five daggers / Feather and Stone

*Skeletonwitch / limb from limb / Beyond The Permafrost

*Evile / schizophrenia / Enter The Grave

*mandatory MELVINS / black stooges / Hostile Ambient Takeover

*The Great Deceiver / lifeline lost / The Great Deceiver

*Municipal Waste / headbanger face rip / The Art of Partying

*Mendozza / halo of crows / White Rhino

*The Agony Scene / adversary / Get Damned

*Revolting Breed / life stillborn / Rise Against

(L)*Red Handed / differences / Wounds Remain

*Dimiricous / expression of immunity to god / Two (Poverty)

*Paths Of Possession / the ancient law / The End of the Hour


*Killing California / holy roller / Goin' South

*The Busy Signals / look the other way / The Busy Signals

*The Red Dons / everyday distraction / Death To Idealism

*Invisible Enemies / cobra triangle / Braindust!

*Stout City Rockers / common man / Found Alive

*The Big Disappointments / only here only now / The Big Disappointments

*Reverend Beat-Man / the clown of the town / Surreal Folk Blues Gospel Trash Vol. 1

*Turbo Fruits / no drugs to use / Turbo Fruits

*'63 Speedway / Nashville stomp / Trouble At The Speedway

*Tiger! Tiger! / stand in / The Kind of Goodnight

*Aids Wolf / chinese roulette / The Lovvers LP

*Health / triceratops / Health

*Mikaela's Fiend / burning brown / split CD w/Twin

*Stay Fucked / stop hectoring me / Windpipe

*Mindflayer / gore gone wild / Expedition to the Hairier Peaks

*Bleach 03 / rock is calling / The Head That Controls Both Right and Left Sides Eats Meats and Slobbers Even Today

*Clockcleaner / caliente / Babylon Rules

*Clipd Beaks / high on charms / Horse Lords

*Qui / gash / Love's Miracle

*Bear Claw / distant apology / Slow Speed: Deep Owls

*Fatal Flying Guilloteens / non-original talent / Quantum Fucking

*Pre / I met her in the bin / Epic Fits

*We Are Wolves / psychic kids / Total Magique

(L)*Yikes / blood bomb / Whoa Comas/Blood Bomb

*Th' Legendary Shack*Shakers / old spur line / Swampblood

*Tom Waits / 2:19 (Brwalers disc) / Orphans

KSCU Loud Rock for CMJ ending November 25th

1 BLACK COBRA Feather And Stone At A Loss
2 SQUALORA Squalora Wantage usa
3 TODAY IS THE DAY Axis Of Eden Supernova
4 REVOLTING BREED Rise Against Self-Produced
5 MENDOZZA White Rhino Self-Released
7 BLACK DAHLIA MURDER Nocturnal Metal Blade
8 EVILE Enter The Grave Earache
9 ARISE AND RUIN The Final Dawn Victory

Rob G.
KSCU 103.3FM


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