Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Happy Uurth Day!

So I heard an asteroid might take us out and I HOPE SO! We are fucking up this planet and each other on a daily basis. With all the bullshit that's going on with wars, rich vs poor, black vs white and so on, we need a good asteroid to hit us and make shit leveled off. Mother Nature would totally like that on Earth Day today I bet. HAPPY UURTH DAY, BITCHES!

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Graves At Sea | Confession | Split EP
Hobocop | I Was a Beautiful Hippy (Now My Furniture is Moldy) | Half Man Half Cop
Sourvein | Equinox | Split EP
Stalins Of Sound | Monkeys Attack | Tank Tracks
Crowbar | Walk With Knowledge Wisely | Symmetry In Black
Blackwülf | Speed Queen | Mind Traveler LP
No Problem | No Controller | We're Already Dead
Catholic Girls | Dead Fawn | Distant 7"
Culture Abuse | Happy Ending | The Day Dreams Of Nothing
Summoner | The Gatekeeper | Atlantian LP
Institute | Dead Sea | S/T EP
Cult Leader | Indoctrinator's Deathbed | Nothing For Us Here
Iron Reagan | The Living Skull | Spoiled Identity EP
Optional Body | Surviving Avalanches | 7" - 25 Diamonds Records
Final Conflict | One Answer | Ashes To Ashes LP (reissue)
Tape Man | Thirteen | Wolf Party
Young and In The Way | Be My Blood | When Life Comes To Death
S.A. Slayer | Upon Us,The End | Go For The Throat
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Wednesday, April 16, 2014


I'm being honest when I tell you this: Spinning records is a hard job. HA! I haven't spun nothing but 45s in a while. I was sweating and it was a total workout too. HA! It was fun Rockin' out in the studio and hope you did too. RNR will never die!

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Cloak Dagger | Surf Song - Jade Tree Records
The Nitwitz | Jackass - Rocket Dog Records
Electric Frankenstein | Nail It Down - Sub Pop Records
Mudhoney | Touch Me I'm Sick - Sub Pop Records
Zen Guerrrilla | Mob Rules (Black Sabbath) - Safety Pin Records
Rye Coalition | ZZ Topless - Tiger Style Records
Supersuckers | Givin It Away - Mid-Fi Recordings
Easy Action | The In Crowd (Billy Page) - Reptilian Records
Fu Manchu | Jailbreak (Thin Lizzy) - Sessions Records
Hookers | Highway Star (Deep Purple) - Sub Pop Records
Adam West | Where Eagle's Dare (Misfists) - Stereodriver Records
Tenderloin | Leave This Town (Thin Lizzy) - Sub Pop Records
Dwarves | Dairy Queen (Live) - Man's Ruin Records
Murder City Devils | Johnny Thunders - Empty Records
Melvins | Today Your Love, Tomorrow the World (Ramones) - Ipecac Recordings
Zeke | Downpayment Blues (AC/DC) - Reptilian Records
Seger Liberation Army | Heavy Music (Bob Seger) - Big Neck Records
The Onyas | No Concessions - Junk Records
Burning Love | Alien vs Predator - Deranged Records
The Moo-Rat Fingers | Du Solftest Schwingen - Big Neck Records
The Nads | Saigon Hooker - Gearhead Records
Hellacopters | Dirty Women (Black Sabbath) - Bang Records
Screwmatics | 12 Sticks of Dynomite - Scooch Pooch Records
Tight Bros From Way Back When | Take You Higher - Ten In One Records
Spitting Cobras | Idle - Wrecked Em Wreckords
Demonics | Girlfriend's Best Friend - Man's Ruin Records
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Electric Frankenstein | Action High - Intensive Scare Records
Churchwood | Metanoia - Saustex Records
Black Radio | Black Radio - Black Radio Records
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Tuesday, April 8, 2014


John Pinette, You Go Now! RIP!
This radio show is dedicated to the late John Pinette. Thanks for making me laugh my ass off in the 90s. Rest In Piece and you can go now. HA!

Thanks for listening to the radio show and for your support as always. The podcast of this show is coming very soon. Check out www.radiovalencia.fm in the meantime for info on the station, the shows and check out the podcast page as well. Have a great week. CHEERS! ~ Naked Rob, SFC

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Catholic Girls | Dead Fawn | Distant 7" - Crown & Thorn Records
Skeptics | Notice | III (reissue LP)
Black Tar Prophet | Dethroned | Deafen
Nothing | Endlessly | Guilty of Everything
Ex-Cult | Not a Threat | Midnight Passenger
Skinfather | Ordeal By Fire | None Will Mourn
The Drip | Catalyst | A Presentation of Gruesome Poetics
Peace Creep    Interstellar Alimony    self titled ep
Ghoul | The Midnight Ride of the Cannibals MC | Hang Ten
The Me's | Oui Oui Oui | 7" - Voodoo Rhythm Records
Pilgrim | In the Presence of Evil | II: Void Worship
El Buzzard | Welcome To Quazi | El Buzzard
Pentothal Sodium | They Lie | Upon A Pile Of Bones
The Socks | We Live | The Socks
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Bl'ast! | Our Explanation | The Expression of Power
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Offenders | You Got A Right | We Must Rebel/I Hate Myself/Endless Struggle
Criminal Code | Exit Enrty | No Device
Mount Salem | Mescaline II | Endless

Monday, March 31, 2014


Hey hey! No radio show tomorrow. I'll be back next Tuesday, April 8th. My tribute to (the) Melvins show will be rebroadcasted in its entirety. You can check it out at www.radiovalencia.fm 4-6PM PST! Peace! ~ Naked Rob

Tuesday, March 25, 2014


Vredehammer | Cthulhu | Vinteroffer
Territory | World Misery  | Demo (Master)
Skeptics | Feeling Bad | III
Young Widow | Kerosene Girl | Easy Pain
Graves At Sea | This Place Is Poison | This Place Is Poison EP
Far-Out Fangtooth | Get Around | Borrowed Time
Butch of ELEGY

Monday, March 24, 2014


On tomorrow’s TERRIBLE TUESDAY radio show, Butch of the San Francisco Punk band, ELEGY will be in studio. Elegy is having their record release party at El Rio this Wednesday, March 26th. Check out the interview tomorrow from 4-6PM PST on Radio Valencia here in San Francisco or listen online at RADIO VALENCIA. PUNK IS NOT DEAD! Cheers! ~ Naked Rob

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

RIP SCOTT ASHETON (August 16, 1949 – March 15, 2014) | PLAYLIST | MARCH 18, 2014

Scott Asheton RIP (August 16, 1949 – March 15, 2014)
In the beginning of my show, I did a little tribute to the late Scott Asheton, the original drummer for The Stooges. His sound was so unique to the beginnings of The Stooges that I think without him, they would've sound so differently than we came to know them. Anyway, we have loss one of the pioneers of Rock and hope he & his brother, Ron are somewhere in the Universe making music and tearing shit up. HA! RIP!

Thanks for listening everybody. The podcast of this show should be up soon (I'm so lazy) at www.radiovalencia.fm. Have a good week and thanks for your support to me and the station as always. Until next week, go out and buy records and support your local indi record store, local bands & touring bands too. CHEERS! ~ Naked Rob, SFC

For: Scott Asheton RIP!
The Stooges | T.V. Eye & 1970 | Fun House LP
(intro) Melvins | Honey Bucket | Houdini
Far-Out Fangtooth | Beyond Your Bones | Borrowed Time
Ritual Control | Hollow On The Outside | No Affinity 7"
Conan | Crown of Talons | Blood Eagle
Bent Wind | Touch Of Red | Sussex LP (reissue)
Ringworm | Dawn of Decay | Hammer of the Witch
Crash Course In Science | Cardboard Lamb | Signals From Pier Thirteen LP
Buioingola | Candida | Dopo l'Apnea
Skeptics | Affco | Skeptics LP (reissue)
North | Atrabilious | Metanoia EP
KMFDM | A Drug Against War | 12" (30th Anniversary Edition)
T.O.M.B. | Maz Ov Tha Damd | Pennhurst / Xesse
Cryptic Slaughter | Could Be Worse | Money Talks LP (reissue)
S.A. Slayer | Go For The Throat | Go For The Throat / Prepare To Die CD (reissue)
Massacre | As We Wait To Die | Back From Beyond
Slim Chants | Do The Dogone | Wolf Party: New Zealand Werewolf Sounds From Stink Magnetic
Pilgrim | Arcane Sanctum | II: Void Worship
Hirax | Deceiver | Immortal Legacy
Gravewurm | In the Service of Death | Spawn Of The Sacrilege Split
The Socks | Electric War | The Socks
The Unsemble | Act 3 | The Unsemble
BL'AST! | Surf and Destroy | The Expression of Power (reissue)
Offenders | Victory | We Must Rebel/I Hate Myself/Endless Struggle LP (reissue)
Die Choking | Momentum | Die Choking
PyPy | Molly | Pagan Day
Cripple Bastards | Fumo Passivo | Nero In Metastasi
Shoes This High | Mental Whiff | Straight To Hell
Criminal Code | Graven Image | No Device
The Damned Evangelist | La Maldicion Del Lobo | Wolf Party: New Zealand Werewolf Sounds From Stink Magnetic
Bohren & Der Club Of Gore | Bei Rosarotem Light | Piano Lights

Monday, March 17, 2014


Tomorrow, Tuesday the 18th is another TERRIBLE TUESDAY RADIO SHOW, 4-6PM PST on Radio Valencia here in San Francisco, California. I got some new albums & reissues on wax from the following:
Ritual Control 7" (SF Hardcore)
KMFDM 'A Drug Against War' 12" (reissue)
Bent Wind LP (Canadian Classic RNR reissue)
Crash Course in Science (Classic Synth-Punk reissue) Skeptics LP (Noise Post-Punk from New Zealand reissue)
S.A. Slayer (Classic Texas Metal CD reissue)
WOLF PARTY New Zealand comp CD from Voodoo Rhythm Records (official)
OFFENDERS (Austin TX Hardcore 2xLPs reissue)
and a whole lot more.
Check it out tomorrow online too at www.radiovalencia.fm. Cheers! ~ Naked Rob

Tuesday, March 11, 2014


I just want to say thanks to Dale & Buzz for kicking ass after 30 years and still looking good doing it. Here's to another 15 years I hope. HA! Keep up the good work guys and see you live somewhere down the road.

Thanks everybody for listening. The podcast of this show will be up soon at www.radiovalencia.fm. Please download or stream the podcast and put it on your phone, computer, tablet and take it everywhere you may go. I'll be back next week and until then, have a good week and be cool. CHEERS! ~ Naked Rob, SFC

(intro) Honey Bucket | Houdini Live 2005
Youth of America (The Wipers) | Electroretard
Return of The Spiders (Alice Cooper) | 7" (Ipecac)
Jerkin' Krokus (Mott The Hoople) | 7" (Ipecac)
Today Your Love, Tomorrow The World (The Ramones) 7" (Ipecac)
Rocket Reducer #62 (MC5) | CD promo
Lexicon Devil (The Germs) | CD promo
Jello Biafra with the Melvins | Wholly Bun Bull | Sieg Howdy!
Dr. Geek | Hostile Ambient Takeover
#2 Pencil | 10 Songs
It's Shoved | #5 seven-inch series (AmRep)
Goggles | Stag
Black Santa | The Bootlicker
w/Leif Garrett | Smells Like Teen Spirit (Nirvana) | The Crybaby
Raise A Paw | Ozma
Wispy / Antitoxidate / Hog Leg | Eggnog
Echo Head/Don't Piece Me | Gluey Porch Treatments
In The Freaktose the Bugs Are Dying | Honky
Revolve (re-worked) | Electroretard
Your Blessened | Bullhead
Jello Biafra with the Melvins | Wholly Bun Bull | Sieg Howdy!
All At Once | #8 seven-inch series (AmRep)
w/Hank Williams III & Henry Bogdan (Helmet) | Ramblin' Man (Hank Williams) | The Cry Baby
Green Manalishi (Fleetwood Mac) | The Crybaby
Hang Me | Houdini Live 2005 

Sunday, March 9, 2014


Hey hey! 30 years ago today on March 9th 1984 in Olympia Washington, the very first Melvins show happened. To commemorate that special day, this Tuesday's show will be MANDATORY MELVINS for all 2 hours. I'll be spinning the b-sides, covers & the TOP 40 Hits as well. Tune into the show in San Francisco, California or listen online at www.radiovalencia.fm. YEAH!!!!
(I do not have permission to use this flyer or anything else).